Here’s a riddle:  When does a dyed-in-the-wool news hound dread turning on to the news in the morning? And here’s the answer:  When the news is always the same: The President announces a new initiative and the Democrats ridicule it, the Democrats slam the President for doing something heinous that he probably never dreamed of doing, Iran threatened the U.S. – again, one of the 24 Democrat candidates for 2020 said or did something ridiculous, the President tweeted something he probably shouldn’t have, the stock market is up – or it’s down, and so it goes. Same old, same old.

Someone once said (and millions repeated it), “There’s nothing new under the sun”.  But that was before the technology revolution. These days, there is something new almost every day. But it rarely gets past the gatekeepers of the news hogs who command the headlines but bring nothing new to the table.

Gridlock is the order of the day, and it isn’t changing anytime soon!

President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi were scheduled to have an important meeting to discuss one of the key issues for both – a $2 trillion plan for an infrastructure bill to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure. It would have been a good opportunity for bi-partisan fence-mending, and it could even have led to saving the lives of people who might otherwise die in one more infrastructure failure. It should have been a project they could both wrap their arms around.

But before the meeting, Pelosi decided to meet with her caucus on Capitol Hill. Big mistake. They pushed her to renew her support for their impeachment efforts. And while she didn’t give in, she made a statement before her meeting with the President, that was absolutely certain to get him angry. Definitely not a good way to start a negotiation.

“We do believe that it’s important to follow the facts. We believe that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States, and we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up,” says Pelosi.

Well, the President did what most people expected him to do. It was a very short meeting.

When the president walked into the Cabinet Room he got right to the point. He didn’t sit down, he didn’t shake hands with anyone. He had just heard Pelosi’s comment that he was involved in a cover-up and it was clear that he was furious. He said that his purpose in coming was to talk about infrastructure and move that ball down the road, but that Pelosi had just accused him of a cover-up.

The President gave the Speaker two options: either stop the endless false and fruitless accusations and investigations, and get down to the business of government; or she could give up the discussion of how to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. He told Pelosi and the Democrat party, “We’re going down one track at a time.” 

And after just three minutes, he walked out of the room. Moments later, in the Rose Garden, he told the press, ““Instead of walking happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that have just said that I was doing a cover-up. I don’t do cover-ups.”

Has Nancy Pelosi become one of those people about whom it is said, “She never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity”? She did that last year, when she flew off to Hawaii to take the kind of vacation in a spa hotel that only the very rich can take. She did this while other government workers were not being paid during the government shut-down. And she did it while the President himself remained in the White House, waiting for someone from the Democrat side of the aisle to show up and negotiate an end to the shut-down. It should have been Pelosi, but she was otherwise occupied – in Hawaii.

So now, here she was again, torpedoing an opportunity to reach across that aisle in an effort to get something really important done. But the effort was apparently too much. She blew it off by accusing the President – the one she was about to negotiate with – of an actionable crime. What die she expect was going to happen? Did she think she would benefit from such a cheap trick?

I wonder if she has any idea of what she is doing. Probably not, because her ego is far too big to allow qualms and misgivings to enter into her thoughts.

But someone had better pay attention, or the Democrat party is likely to enter the dusty tomes of history, as it implodes on its own self-righteousness and a hatred for Trump that is so great that it consumes everything else.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to do her job and continues to block the President in every way she can, demonizing him at every opportunity. Pelosi and the Democrats that she is supposed to lead have lost their focus, they have forgotten how to do their jobs.

The Democrats are panicking, and grasping at straws, at anything that will help them retain the power that they have been misusing for decades. And the straws they are grasping at are the hopes for 2020, base on biased polls and op eds that support the fiction that America is behind them.

In my opinion, they are in for a big disappointment, because, whether they like it or not, Donald Trump commands America’s mainstream. This is not what the media wants you to know. But it is mainstream America that is his base. And that is the heart of America.

These are the tens of thousands of people who attend every Donald Trump rally, and line up 24 hours before to make sure they get in. These are the ones who will come out and vote for Donald Trump – because they want him to make America great again, and they want to be part of it. And because they know what President Trump can actually do, and that he will fight for them. Many of them have jobs now – because of him. Many have a little more in their paychecks – because of him.

But the Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that there is such a huge grassroots base that doesn’t support them. It doesn’t show up in the polls, and it doesn’t show up in the statistics. But it will show up in November 2020.

So the Democrats will continue to harass him and jam up his programs with court injunctions. But Americans are watching and they don’t like it.

Over the next year and a half, the Democrats will either have to get their act together – which in my view is unlikely – or they will face a stunning defeat at the polls in 2020. And it may be the kind of defeat that they can no longer ignore or deny.

If I am wrong, then the Democrats will win and America is in for a long and downhill ride. But I don’t think I’m wrong. In any case, it will be a very interesting year ahead, as the future of our nation hangs in the balance.  Image, Pixabay