The witch trial is over, Trump survived, and his enemies are storing away the bundle of fire tinder for his public burning. The dunking stool, once favored by more civilized societies as a method of ridding themselves of undesirables, is in a few states where GOP turncoats voted with the Devil, being resurrected.

This show trial business was a thoughtless and dividing exercise in hateful revenge. Nothing more!

The Republican party can no longer be fully trusted, and right now, many of the GOP swamp dwellers who voted to maintain the status quo by voting against their President are sweating out probable repercussions from an outraged Trump base in their own states. The Trump base is not going away as the RINO’s hoped.

The anti-Trump GOPer’s have lost their grip on their reality, reliability, and trustfulness, and many will be looking for the exit door before getting cashiered by the new crowd forming up across America determined to turn them out. It’s Trump’s GOP now if he wants it. Watch the sniveling snowflake republican politicians start to reverse course.

Case in point, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who called Trump responsible for the Capitol attack, quickly reversed himself, made the trip to Trump’s Florida estate to be first in line to kiss the ring and see if there were any hard feelings. 

But, already, within hours, the Louisiana GOP unanimously voted to censure their senior Senator, Bill Cassidy, for his vote to convict President Trump, expressing their profound disappointment in his dastardly actions and demanding his resignation. These people have forgotten that representative government, and votes were taken, are to be by the consent of the people, not the grievance of a politician. To lose that consent is to have a hard row to hoe. 

Who’s left? The ultimate traitor to Conservatives, Mitt Romney has, we are told, “a strong base in Utah,” but that’s questionable. He might have a more challenging time than he realizes. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska has been courting trouble ever since she’s been labeled as a RINO, Sen. Richard Burr of NC (any relation to Aaron?), Benn Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennslyvania who is on his way out anyway, all face potential reprisals at home. Stay tuned!

How these people cling to the Constitution as an excuse for their perfidy is laughable. That goes for all politicians. In going all-in, Senator Cassidy said: “Our Constitution and our country is more important than any one person. I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty.” If Sen. Cassidy had listened to the evidence instead of nurturing his own personal hatred of Trump, he might have enjoyed an understanding of exactly what the Constitution is and how it works. 

In Wyoming, there are angry demands that Rep. Liz Cheney resigns her office at once and, right here in Georgia, a recall effort has started to remove Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger for their utter contempt of Georgia’s Voting laws and failure to conduct proper post-election inquiries of alleged voter fraud resulting in a loss of the people’s trust. If we have friends like them, who needs enemies? 

For Trump’s base, his acquittal was a vindication. I don’t usually trust polls but, according to Gallup, Trump’s approval stands at 82%, Monmouth University poll reports 72% of Republicans absolutely believe Joe Biden is president because of voter fraud while remarkably, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fellow House Republicans overwhelmingly voted to defend her despite being relieved from two House committee assignments for her pro-Trump heresy. Keep a close eye on the days ahead. Times are changing, and we’re witness to it.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!