Baby Charlie vs. Big Government Socialized Medicine

Imagine for a moment that your child is born with a rare genetic condition which causes progressive muscle weakness. Your tiny bundle of love is put on life support at the hospital and the doctors predict that your baby will die from this condition. In fact, the hospital is threatening to remove your child from life support.

Like any good parent though, you move mountains in search of solutions to save your child’s life. You find no answers until a doctor in England informs you that he and other doctors in his practice who specialize in neuromuscular disorders have an experimental treatment for your baby’s condition known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS) — your child’s disorder —and that your baby may be a perfect candidate to receive this treatment. It could possibly save your child’s life!

So you raise the needed funds to cover the cost of medical treatment in England. Then, your real nightmare begins to happen: the hospital and the U.S. government refuse to let you take your baby to seek treatment claiming that you would only be prolonging the baby’s suffering.

People in England and all around the world hear about the story of your child being held captive in an American hospital and how the U.S. government is disallowing the trip to England with your child. Even Prince Charles releases a press statement that he will help defray costs to help save your baby’s life, but the Director of the U.S. Health and Human Services refuses to budge. When you take the issue to court, the judge denies your request to travel to England for treatment even though it won’t cost the government one red Obamacare cent.

To help you, a member of the English Parliament patrons an amendment to a bill which would give lawful, permanent British residency to you and your baby in an attempt to streamline the process and cut through the red-tape.

The U.S. government, though, thinks it knows best. Refuses your requests and has condemned your baby to death by supporting the hospital doctors’ position. As a parent, you are trapped. You’ve lost all control over the health and welfare of your child. Big government is now in the driver’s seat.

Welcome to socialized medicine where the government calls the shots.

In this story, the countries are reversed. This scenario is what is currently happening to Britain’s baby Charlie Gard and his parents who have been refused permission to travel to America for treatment. Dr. Michio Hirano, a professor of neurology at New York’s Columbia University Medical Center and chief at the Division of Neuromuscuar Disorders. He believes the treatment will improve baby Charlie’s life by 50%. Even President Trump tweeted that he would help the parents and U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler from the state of Washington patroned an amendment to a bill on July 18th offering permanent residency to baby Charlie. People from around the world donated $1.8 million to help defray the costs of treatment.

Oh, but big brother knows “best.“ The British government has condemned baby Charlie to death.

President Ronald Reagan in his January 1988 Personhood Proclamation said it best: “The right to life belongs equally to babies in the womb, babies born handicapped, and the elderly or infirm.” So, I say to every American who helped President Obama expand U.S. government control over healthcare that maybe you should move to England. Become a citizen. Then, when you get sick with a terminal disease and the government calculates your monetary value to society, you can thoroughly enjoy the joys of government-controlled healthcare as a British citizen down to your last breath. I’m sure they will have free and comfy euthanasia clinics who will help you with the remainder of your life.

As for baby Charlie’s parents, never give up hope. Keep trying to save the life of your son.