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Ron Edwards produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award-winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over three decades of experience "Blowin' away the Myths and Revealing the Truth. Ron is also a certified chaplain. Ron Edwards brings to the airwaves unapologetic truth sure to keep his listening audience tuned in every time. He is respected by friends and foe alike for his consistency of conviction and originality in commentary. Go to for news updates and other great stuff. Check out “The Edwards Notebook,” radio commentary now heard on just over 200 great radio outlets from coast to coast.
The Future Of Black Americans

The Future Of Black Americans

The so-called Civil Rights/Bastardized Rights movement during the 1960s did not have the long term positive affect as advertised. In fact, it was completely co-opted by Democrat/Communist operatives that artfully persuaded Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to switch from...

A Life And Death Struggle For America

A Life And Death Struggle For America

Gone are the good old days when family members could disagree about political issues. If you go all the way back to the hot debates of the Founding Fathers, the hollering and screaming was over the great men wishing each other well and together they made history.  The...

America Must Not Lose Her Roots

America Must Not Lose Her Roots

The founders believed that if the people remained moral and self governing, there would be no need for a cradle to grave domineering government. The Founders knew that a moral and free people would be more inclined to work, be creative, innovative and thus produce a...

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