The Rule of law, as we know it, has been under attack in our country. Consider, the crisis at the Border, with 1000’s of illegal crossings daily, street violence in our inner cities, gang violence, drug and human trafficking issues, are at the top of the list. Law Enforcement is charged with the duty to uphold the laws in each locality, state, and the country as a whole. This includes all jurisdictions under the justice department.

From the iconic cop on the beat, to the FBI, and ICE agents at the border, LEOS have come under intense scrutiny, as to whether they do their job effectively, with discretion, assert proper millisecond decision making, and when it’s appropriate, use deadly force. Their job is intense, dangerous, hardly ever lauded, and sadly, we are seeing suicides, similar to what we are seeing in the veteran community.

In this discussion guest Kat the Hammer and Hollywood Actress, Tracy Melchior join Ray Brookstein to examine societal perceptions of Law Enforcement and the real life day to day hyper vigilance they experience on and off the job they which they endure. 

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