I smell deep state and media corruption in this election count process, a final try to rid the elite bureaucracy of this Trump Bull in their China shop they have failed to do over the past four years with their phony investigations, phony impeachments, phony politicians, lying and corrupt FBI officials, all trying now to save their asses from the blow that should be delivered in Trump’s second term.

“Justice delayed is justice denied!” So, nothing’s changed.

I woke up this morning almost certain that the Trump enthusiasm we saw reflected in the thousands of people who poured out en-masse to attend Trump Train MAGA rallies would have got him his 270 electoral votes and a second term on the first go. But no, Democrat states with their long laborious vote-counting schemes designed to put weary poll watchers to sleep, if any were allowed to be present and witness the counting, have still left the race undecided. So you see, nothing’s changed.

It couldn’t have been a good day for Democrats. Their predicted “Blue Wave” was nothing more than a blue disinfectant splash in a toilet bowl. They didn’t get the Senate, lost some house seats, and somehow, in Minnesota, cunningly managed to have 100,000, more or less mail-in ballots than their total voter registration count, yet Democrats deny any voting fraud.

For Conservatism the good news so far, is that Trump has managed to change the balance of the Federal Courts with originalist, constitutionally aware judges, especially the Supreme Court, a fact that will last for decades.

Too, Conservatives apparently have kept the Senate and made small inroads into Nancy’s body of representatives.

Did Arizona turn Blue? Fox News, early on, said it did, others said it didn’t. It happens when Left Coast Liberals flood the state fleeing from the economic and social disasters they helped create in their own home states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Texas could soon fall victim to the creeping socialism of the Interstate system that makes it easy for dissatisfied voters to flee one jurisdiction whilst bringing their flawed political baggage with them to infect their next new home jurisdiction. Nothings changed. 

NY Governor Cuomo wants the quarantine visitors from China virus states; why can’t red states require re-education of Blue State immigrants before they are allowed to vote?

Democrats now call themselves “Progressives” suggesting they have a new path forward for a society where everyone will be treated equally. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely nothing new in that old idea. Progressivism is simply Marxism rewritten in flowery tones with promises of equality that have always ended up as equal misery for all.

The redistribution of wealth sounds good to the losers of society but won’t last because even that vast pool of other people’s money will quickly run out. So will the states ability to tax. If a society produces nothing, there’s nothing to tax. We’ll have to learn to grow potatoes. Look to Venezuela as the sterling example of Progressivism running a once-prosperous society into the dirt.

What should be the main issue for Conservatives? First and foremost is to rid ourselves of the mantel of Republicanism. That title has been ruined. This campaign has revealed to us the Republicans for Biden cabal, active RINO’s working to unseat Donald Trump at the cost of their very honor. These people have to be persuaded to retire or resign. Naturally, they are as certain of their own right to stay in office as we are that they should be gone but on what pretext? 

Effectively, Conservative Americans who supported Donald Trump must withdraw from the Republican party and form a new conservative party, one without the trappings of RINO intellectuals telling us how to think, how to vote, and who to vote for.

We have gained experience in that field ourselves.

It was once said: “Success has many fathers, failure only one!” Only Obama and Biden have tried to claim credit for Trump’s economic miracle while Republicans run as fast as they can to avoid contamination by Trump success’s. Why do we think we need these people as our leaders? Leadership comes to those who have a plan and can convince others to carry it out. Leadership does not come with a vote count. 

Nothing has changed. Tomorrow, or very soon, the unqualified vote counts that have delayed the conclusion of this election will be adjusted, as they must and Trump will have four more years. Never fear, we can count on Pelosi’s House toad menagerie to continue their witch hunt for any offense they can impeach the President on.

At some point, true Americans won’t take it anymore. Have faith.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em.