Two hundred and forty-four years ago America pushed back against the Brits, and became the greatest country this world has ever seen. From that point on we never looked back, and have taken on all the challenges that have come our way. Be it war, natural disasters, economic depression, or disease, Americans always prevail. It’s our nature, it’s our spirit and our God given strength, to overcome.

So why now are we succumbing to another plight which has come upon us? What is different now than at any other time in our history to make us run so scared? Allow me to answer this for you, and it’s simple, the mainstream media and the internet⏤that’s what’s different. Being the evil force that they are, and which is also a classic liberal Democrat move, they never allow a good disaster to go by without being put to good use, in fulfilling their agenda. 

The Russian hoax didn’t take President Trump out of office, regardless of how much they tried. Just as the impeachment hoax didn’t work either. Immediately after that, conveniently comes a world-wide pandemic, the Coronavirus. Make no mistake, this virus is no joke, but the left-wing mainstream media has us all believing that death is knocking at every door, and soon enough the sky will fall upon us, just as chicken Little predicted.

People are lining up at grocery stores by the hundreds waiting for the doors to open, and many are hoarding as much as they can. The stock market has tanked, travel of every kind has screeched to a halt, and businesses of all sorts are closing their doors temporarily, they hope. As people are not able to work, the unemployment rate is beginning to rise already, and most Democrats along with the mainstream media could not be happier about it. Because after all, in their evil world, the only thing that matters right now, is to make sure Trump does not get another four years in the White House, no matter the cost.

Liberal lifeforms such as Bill Maher, are right up front with it, stating “I hope the economy tanks so we can get rid of Trump.” This is a fellow American, hoping Americans hurt because of his political stance, but more so he is simply stating what most of his liberal Democrat associates are feeling. They want us to be frightened, they want us to think death is just around the corner. They want us to think it’s Trump’s fault, if only he had done more. The fact is this President has done more than any other President in modern times to avert this crisis and help Americans. The blame for this is squarely on China. 

Apparently, the coronavirus was created at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg Canada. This modern state-of-the-art infectious disease laboratory facility houses the only containment level-4 operational laboratories in Canada (the highest biosafety level). NML employs scientists, biologists, laboratory technicians, and includes informatics specialist, biosafety experts, specialized operations and maintenance staff. With the administrative staff included there are approximately 600 people employed as of 2016. The staff also included a handful of Chinese biochemists who apparently, were secretly working for the Chinese government.

As reported on America Out Loud “Voice of a Nation” by Malcolm Out Loud, “COVID-19 was manufactured at NML and allegedly for biowarfare. The virus then made its way to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where it was accidentally on purpose released.” 

As people in Wuhan became ill and some started to die, the Chinese government began their coverup strategy. Back in January, the World Health Organization (WHO), parroted the Chinese government that “no clear evidence the coronavirus could spread person to person.” That was a lie. The WHO is an agency of the United Nations, and anything the UN can do to undermine the United States, they will.

So where do we go from here?

Let’s look at reality and compare the H1N1 (Swine flu) outbreak during President Obama’s term.

H1N1 Swine Flu: Total cases: 60.8 million, Total deaths: 12,469. Panic level by the MSM: Total chill.

COVID-19: Total cases to date in the US: 17,300 Total deaths: 224. Panic level: Mass hysteria.

The Coronavirus is being used by the left as a political football. Because of the mass hysteria created by the mainstream media, millions of people are now out of work. The unemployment rate will rise, and businesses of just about every variety are closing, along with the stock market crashing. People across the nation are hoarding food and water. Ammunition for guns is flying off the shelves as quickly as food, just in case the hysteria reaches its maximum point.

Pathetically, this is exactly what the liberal Democrats want to happen. Because as I mentioned, they love the thought of every American being dependent on the government, it’s their utopia. Ultimately, they are hoping this will be the stake in the heart to bring down the greatest president this country has ever seen, albeit the one that they despise. They will fail again.

So, get a grip America, the sky is not falling!

President Trump has the FDA and other health organizations, working 24/7 to find and approve a solution to this virus. America and her citizens will prevail, just as we always have throughout history. Keep praying and we will get through this, despite the dark side.