This is one of those stories that leave you with a pit feeling in the core of your stomach, or a blistering headache of disbelief. It just can't be. No way. Say it ain't so Ami Horowitz! Fess up. Tell the truth, how much did you pay these students in 'pot money' to give you the material for these wild and crazy videos?

That may be your first reaction after watching his videos. But I assure you, after talking with Horowitz on talk radio, I know full well that he is a man on a mission. Watch the videos first, and then listen to the radio interview.

So I questioned him on the psychology and methods used to sorta turn the tables somewhat. Could it be his tone, his mannerisms, his unassuming kindly gentleman-type looks? Do the students clearly know what they are agreeing to? Is this what American students are learning in the classrooms? Is it even possible?

Would university students donate money to Hamas to blow up Israeli cafes, schools and hospitals? Watch and find out!

Berkeley students react to ISIS flag and then the Israeli flag. How different is the reaction? Watch and find out!

The PLAY BUTTON for the radio interview is near the top of this post. 

Ami Horowitz is a political satirist, he makes edgy satirical videos exposing the absurdity that we face in the world.

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