The rise of a small colony with an established set of principles to the world's leadership position is by any historical account – EXCEPTIONAL. If you think about what America has accomplished as a nation and you compare that to any other country in the history of mankind – there simply is no comparison. What then is behind the controversy of American Exceptionalism? You might remember the New York Times op-ed column a couple years back that Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote suggesting that America was NOT and should not consider themselves an exceptional country. We'll discuss AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM with our distinguished panel today with these three American military officers: 

Colonel Tony Buntyn is in the US Air Force Reserve, where he has served over 33 years. He is also the President of IT consulting company U.S. Cyber Solutions.

Colonel Jim Waurishuk USAF (Retired), is a 30-year career senior intelligence and political-military affairs officer. An expert in international strategic studies and policy, and serving in numerous USAF and Joint Special Operations special mission units.

Colonel Bill Moline USAF (Retired) and West Point graduate. Since retiring from military service, Bill has worked as a business developer, career adviser and Master Networker.
A Pew Research survey found that young Americans (younger than 30) care more about the World Cup than the way in which our government functions or the upcoming election. (just 13% younger than 30 and 19% 30-49 age group follow these events closely. 36% of those 65 and older and 34% of those 50 to 64)

Why are people tuning the NEWS of the day out of their lives? What can we do to engage more people at every age level?
There’s been a 20-point increase since 2006 in Americans who believe government corruption is widespread, says Gallup Research. Perceptions of widespread corruption actually dipped a bit after President Obama was first sworn in, there was a sense of optimism (especially amongst young people) about Hopenchange. At this time however Americans are more cynical than ever thanks to the level of scandals and corruption that beset our government at just about every turn.

If the majority of Americans believe government is corrupt to the core as Gallup suggests and if the majority of Americans are unengaged as Pew suggests… Is this equivalent to a death sentence for America as we once knew her? And if not, then how do we change the narrative in America?

Is it God, Country, Family? Or is it God, Family, Country? We shall find out on the show today as these three distinguished military heroes join us for this special program on…