Almost every single concept, precept, term, thought or idea of value in Muhammad’s Quran had been Plagiarized, Plundered, Pirated and or Perverted from the traditions and fetishes of Pagan Arabs, Judaized Arabs, Christian Arabs and others outside the Arabian Peninsula. The only novel items in Muhammad’s Quran are the incessant, repetitive, hatemongering, warmongering, racist, intolerant, misogynist, disgusting and vile verses that fill its chapters with Allah the god of Muhammad spending most of his time enjoying torturing Infidels/ Kuffar/ Unbelievers/ Kafiroon (none Muslims).

Everything about Muhammad and his Quran is based upon Deception, Lies, Contorted logic, Twisted morality and Unhinged history as I have been proving in my books, talk shows and articles and will continue to do so whenever and however I can.

For example, Muslims and their apologists tell us that:

  1. Islam means Peace when in fact it only means Submission
  2. Allah is God when in reality Allah (the god of Muhammad and Muslims) is most definitely NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham
  3. Islam is a religion when in actuality it is a CULT belief system, the Cult of Muhammad
  4. Allah revealed the verses of the Quran to Muhammad over the inordinately long period of 23 years (for as long as Muhammad was alive and preaching) when this is impossible since Allah is NOT God and every letter, word, verse and chapter in the Quran was concocted by the depraved mind of Muhammad bin Abd Allah
  5. And last but not least, Islamize or Islamise is a Verb
    1. (transitive) to convert to or bring under the influence of Islam
    2. Islamization or Islamification is the process of a society’s shift towards Islam, such as found in Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, or Algeria.

This term also is a blatant falsehood and grand deception as I shall show forthwith. Dictionaries tell us that Islamization is to bring people to Islam which is submission to the will of ONE god called Allah and to believe that Muhammad was Rassool Allah meaning the messenger of Allah. All the definitions of the terms Islamize/Islamization/Islamification sound benevolent and spiritually elevating similar to Christianizing which is bringing people to believe in, follow in the footsteps and or emulate Jesus Christ. Dictionaries tell us that Arabization (Arabic: تعريب‎ taʻrīb) describes a growing cultural influence on a non-Arab people that gradually changes into one that speaks Arabic and/or incorporates Arab culture and Arab identity.

In reality the terms Islamize/Islamization/Islamification and to ‘bring under the influence of Islam’ are purposefully DECEIVING since they hide and obfuscate a very sinister meaning and agenda because the true implication is actually the ARABIZATION of conquered peoples by Arab Islamic Imperialism.

The Arabs deliberately use the term Islamization to obliterate any connection to the fact that hundreds of millions of conquered peoples on three continents were NOT elevated by Islam but in reality Subjugated, Slaughtered, Humiliated, Enslaved, Marginalized and their history prior to their being dominated by the Arabs was utterly eradicated because according to Muhammadan Muslim Arabs any history before the imposition of their Islam is called JAHILI meaning DAYS of IGNORANCE.

This means that the TRUE history of the conquered peoples STARTS from the moment the Arabs subjugated them and all the centuries of their history and achievements before Arab Islam are made null and void.

This is why the Arabs – and their forced into conversion Muslims – throughout 1400 years of imperialistic domination in Asia, Africa and Europe – were NEVER interested in Archaeology or the study of any history prior to Muhammad’s Islam.

This is also why when the Arabs conquered Egypt, they burned the oldest manuscripts in the world in the Alexandria Library because when asked for guidance what to do with its contents Umar ibn al Khattab, the 2nd Khalifa told them “if it has nothing to do with the Quran, destroy it”

The Archaeology, history and all researches done in the last 250 years in the Middle East, Asia and Africa were conducted and accomplished by Europeans without a single Muslim of substance being involved.

The reasons why Islamization should be replaced by the perfectly accurate term Arabization are the following FACTS that peoples subjugated by Arab Imperialism from every nationality, culture, tradition, colour or race have suffered and endured for the last 1400 years:

  1. Muhammad was an Arab
  2. His Quran is recited and written in Arabic
  3. Allah is the Arabian name of the supreme rock god of pagan Arabia among 360 other deities in stone centuries BEFORE Muhammad and his Quran
  4. Mecca is Arabian
  5. Medina is Arabian
  6. The Kaaba was the foremost holy place in Arabia for the pagan Arabs and has continued to be holy even under Muhammadan Islam
  7. The Black Stone (meteorite embedded into the wall of the Kaaba) was the most revered object by the pagan Arabs and has continued to be for the last 1400 years of Islam
  8. The Haj to Mecca is pagan Arabian
  9. Circum-ambulating the Kaaba is pagan Arabian and continuing for the last 1400 years by Muhammad’s followers
  10. All current traditions and fetishes during Haj are and continue to be in the footsteps of pagan Arabia
  11. The dress code of Muslims is Arabian
  12. The script of the conquered peoples was changed to Arabian
  13. Yahweh the name of the God of the Bible was forced to be transformed to Allah as well as the names of the gods of other subjugated peoples by the Arabs
  14. Even among the Shia Muslims, Ali was an Arab
  15. His revered sons Hasan and Hussein were Arabs
  16. Fatima the honoured daughter of Muhammad, an Arab
  17. Almost all the Imams of Shia Islam were Arabs

Hence there is absolutely NOTHING Islamic about the utterly useless term of Islamization and everything to do with Arabization and or Arab Imperialism.

Ladies and gentlemen, Arab Imperialism – contrary to ALL the pure nonsense emanating from intellectually challenged so called scholars of Islam and their apologists – had been and continues to be the worst, most retrograde, most parasitic and least useful imperialism in the history of humanity simply because the hordes of Arabs who conquered and plundered five civilizations on three continents were among the least literate, the least civilized and least cultured in their days.

Uncivilized nomadic Arabs could not possibly have imparted an iota of value to the conquered nations BUT on the contrary, the Arabs Plagiarised, Plundered, Pirated and or Perverted everything of value ‘off the shelf’ so to speak from the subjugated peoples (just as their Mentor Muhammad had done before).

They pillaged the conquered peoples, plundered their cultures and wealth, pirated their sciences and copied their architecture, their art, their culinary, their language, and their religious terms.

For further proof, Muhammad’s Quran decades before Arab Imperialism contains – according to the foremost earliest exegetes of Islam – at least 118 words that are NOT of Arabic origin but plagiarized by Muhammad and Arabized (made to sound Arabic) that fill his Quran. 118 foreign words pertaining to religious terms and Biblical names without which the Quran would not exist.

I repeat once more for effect that Islamization is meaningless and must and should be replaced by every form of print and news media by Arabization which reflects the Truth and Facts so that another extremely important item of deliberate Arab deception and falsification is revealed and put to rest forever.

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