The primary objective of the Marxist liberal Left is to use the AR-15 semi-auto as their scary Poster Child for all gun confiscation. However, the gun statistics bear out more guns actually do saves lives. The ultimate goal, no doubt, is hard line national government tyranny such as Nazi Germany (National Socialists) or current Communist regimes.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida during February 14, 2018 was a horrible tragic event where a lone gunman, former student, killed 17 people with an AR-15. The lone armed Resource Security Officer (RSO) did not follow the gun shot sounds to where the shooter might be found when he heard the shots while outside the building, in fact he never entered the building, just called it in. Other officers soon responded to shots fired and were told not to enter the school building. After this horrible event a big push by gun control advocates was again underway and called for outlawing the AR-15. Many news items and pieces have been written about the tragic day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. However, after an even closer look at unnecessary tragic firearm deaths it was a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a 22 caliber handgun that killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007 before the gunmen took his life; deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. The fact that these killings took place in populated gun-free zones is very telling; not enough security measures or armed response personnel on site to thwart a lone gunman. 

Moreover, the age range to own a firearm in all 50 states is 18-21. Just imagine if age restrictions and gun free zone restrictions were not in place and also imagine how minimal that terrible shooting at Virginia Tech College may have turned out where students could have been armed. Odds are the lone gunman at Virginia Tech may have been stopped long before he killed 32 innocent people ending their lives.

The following charts indicate from the past Obama Administration’s Department of Justice what category of firearms have caused the most crime and fatalities before the statistics were cut off during Obama’s Administration.

The first chart shows the growing number of NICS Firearm Background Checks over the years, where someone enters a gun store, decides to buy a gun, then fills out the paperwork and then waits for a report back. Surely there had to be a small percentage rejected due to a criminal record. However, the number of probable gun purchase are staggering from January 1998 to Jan of 2018; a whopping 280,482,910 background checks in total over that period —

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While reviewing USDOJ charts which are again from the Obama Administration Department of Justice, it is clearly shown that the handgun is responsible for the most fatal and nonfatal crimes against individuals and the fact that the media and Democrats have used the ominous looking AR-15 as their “Poster Child” for more gun control is purely for effect. There has been a significant drop in fatal and non-fatal shootings by the very fact that people have bought firearms in increasing numbers over the years as previously shown —

When reviewing the next chart bear in mind the age one can buy a firearm ranges from 18-21. Which causes one to wonder, could there have been more lives saved and less non-fatal crimes against this age group? The answer has to be yes, it is only logical. Criminals know what the age requirement is to own a firearm, if there were no age restrictions in-place having to be 18-21 to buy, odds are very great many may have bought at an earlier age, carried a firearm, known how to use a firearm, and lived rather than die —

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Following is a summary from the past Obama Administration’s Department of Justice 28 page report. 

Note: So much for the massive gun buying criminals did at flea markets and gun shows to obtain a firearm.

Long ago the young were taught the use and safety of firearms by their parents and still to this day. An environment has surely been created against the firearm and the result today is an open environment for criminals to prey on the innocent almost at will. With over 300 million guns in America many are in the hands of criminals and they can’t be confiscated and will always be available to them for crimes.

If we had no restrictions for carrying firearms anywhere in the United States and the elimination of the age restrictions to legally buy firearms, logic dictates more people would still be alive today. The big picture is the key and not the isolated cases of mass shootings, for it is the isolated cases that are driving many to be even more for gun control and outright firearm confiscation, which would be a criminal’s dream and cost even more lives.

Logic dictates a “National Picture” and facts dictate the solution and an emotional debate has no place for such a deadly subject, one only has to be shot once and one only has to die once. 

Cover photo courtesy of Tactical-Reviews.