It’s our choice what we want to expect of ourselves… WANT TO be better than HAVE TO, WISH to be better… than SHOULD be better. It’s our choice how we look at things after the fact, what meaning we attach USA – Unconditional Self-Acceptance. If you are not doing USA than you are probably doing – SHAME- Shame is an important feeling to discuss for a number of reasons. It is often the primary emotional disturbance that people seek relief from by drinking or using and abusing drugs, or even attempting suicide. It can also be a secondary disturbance in that it brings you to Low Self-Esteem that is shame about past, Anxiety is about the future Rabbits (run), turtles (hide) and rattlesnakes (bite):

1)  It makes people want to keep what they think and feel, or even do a secret
2)  It makes deny there's anything wrong, and pretend there isn't a problem
3)  It makes people less likely to accept or ask for help that is available

Ray Mathis is an Education Consultant, Speaker, Educator, Author, Advocate for Mental and Emotional Tool Kit and Tool Time group leader.

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