Twitter is a great place for people like Anne Hathaway to drop a grenade and run, leaving everyone else to clean up the mess and damage from her misinformation. In speaking of the senseless and tragic murder of Nia Wilson as though it is a racial issue and an issue caused by white privilege, she perpetuates a lie and creates a divide that should not exist. She declared that “ALL black people fear for their lives daily in America and have done so for generations. White people do not have equivalence for this fear and violence.” 

Really Anne, I think you need to read a bit more on real murder statistics. The facts are that by leaps and bounds, blacks are killed by other blacks, not by whites or any other race. In a recent study blacks killed by whites were 8.6% of homicides suffered by blacks, while that statistic is 15.8 % for whites killed by blacks. The figure that is the elephant in the room that none of the Hollywood types or the media mention, is the astounding rate at which blacks murder other blacks; 89.3% of blacks are killed by other blacks. So Anne, it is not “white privilege” that is the problem here. There are many issues much more complicated than taking the easy path and blaming white privilege; a made up convenient scapegoat that avoids the hard work of putting the blame where it belongs and finding solutions. 

The most recent figures as published in US News and by UCR (Uniform Crime Report), report that in 2015, 209 blacks were murdered by whites, and 500 whites were murdered by blacks, but 2,380 blacks were murdered by other blacks. The comment about how afraid blacks are does not reconcile. They should then be more afraid of other blacks than any white people.

The issues we need to be looking at is what are the root causes of murders happening to any people, not just a certain race. Though Anne Hathaway thinks that this murder of Nia Wilson reflects racism and white privilege, I beg to differ. This tragic murder was a random murder by a bipolar and schizophrenic white man. Whether she was a target, which is unlikely given the circumstances, or whether she and her sister were in the wrong place at the moment this man’s longstanding mental issues crashed into their young and hopeful lives and destinies, is the issue. We need to be addressing mental health here, not white privilege and racism. We need to stop sweeping it under the carpet and looking the other way and return to a system where these people are not on the streets to commit atrocities such as this. You can’t have it both ways and say we are violating people’s rights by forcing them to get help or be institutionalized, and then complain when they commit acts that are predictable and preventable.

To make it worse, you ignore the true reason and blame white privilege, which will NEVER solve the problem of people of any color with serious mental health issues being out in society where they can harm people. It is the elitist attitude of people like you Anne, who live in a protective bubble, with money and self-aggrandizing events that perpetuate these myths. The money you all spend honoring each other would go a long way to providing mental health treatments for those in need.

Blaming white privilege will not solve the problems to get black men to take on the responsibility of being present in their children’s lives and encouraging a work ethic and a life ethic that will allow them to stay out of gangs and drugs and live productive and fulfilling lives. It will not help the fact that so many black babies are born by teens, and out of wedlock, and don’t have any supervision, or enough food and suffer abuse and neglect. By ignoring the social issues we only perpetuate the problems. No one is oppressing the black community more than the so called black leaders that thrive on the victim-speak and blame-the-whites speak. The solutions to the problems faced by black communities are known. It just doesn’t fit the victim narrative perpetuated by those that profit by keeping the black communities down. 

There are numerous innocent white people murdered by blacks, like the 6 white men killed in Fresno, by a black man who wanted to kill all whites, or the white 12 year old beautiful girl riding her bike murdered for bicycle parts by 2 black thugs, or the white coed murdered in the prime of her life by a black admirer. I could go on, and on. The fact is Anne, whites are murdered by blacks twice as often as blacks are murdered by whites. Another fact is that many people of all races are killed by people with serious mental health issues that are unaddressed, or under-addressed.

To me Anne, all murders are bad, regardless of race, they are of the human race. All human life is important, and if we have that premise to start with, then mitigating all of the issues that we can to prevent it, is the solution. Let’s deal with the real issues here, rather than some lala land white privilege issue. If anyone has white privilege it is all of you out there in Hollywood who don’t have real lives and understand real issues beyond what your liberal media buddies spout.

The murder of Nia Wilson is a horrible, senseless, tragedy and it breaks my heart. The best way to honor her and others like her, is to recognize the mental health issues that caused the perpetrators’ break from reality and work to get more mental health facilities and legislation that allows these people to receive help in a place that does not allow them the freedom to commit these acts.

We need to balance the “rights” of the mentally ill with the rights of the rest of us to live our lives without fear. Then we need to fix the social problems that continue to perpetuate crime in the black communities and black on black homicides.

Let’s get real about the problems, and lose the white privilege nonsense, then we can get real about solving the problems.