The scary part is if the Socialist Democrats win the Presidential Election, the foundations of our Republic will be so significantly undermined in 5 to 10 years, you will not have a United States of America. In that period, many foresee Civil War, division of the country into regions and challenges to the United States on the world stage by our adversaries which could launch, God forbid a nuclear holocaust killing hundreds of millions if not billions of people potentially eliminating all life on the planet. (Read on and see if you come to the same conclusion.)


When did this all start and how did it come about? Is it something new in the last few years since President Trump took office? How far back do we need to look to understand what is happening in our country today? Where will we have to go to find the roots of this attempted transformative revolution in our country?

Counting down the “Rules for Radicals”⏤the name we most identify with this is Saul Alinsky⏤he’s given credit for the recipe: “How Do You Create a Socialist State.”

Let us review Alinsky’s Rules – short versions:

  1. Healthcare – control healthcare and you control the people.
  2. Poverty – increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
  3. Debt – increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you can increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
  4. Gun Control – remove people’s ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are now able to create a police state.
  5. Education – take control of what the people read and listen to = take control of what children learn in school think: “Common Core”.
  6. Religion – remove the belief in God from the government and schools.
  7. Class Warfare – divide the people into the wealthy and the poor, this will cause more discontent and will be easier to take (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

This all sounds like the 6 o’clock News; MSNBC or CNN, 24 hours a day. 

Where have we heard that the government should be doing all these things? It seems like the platform of the Democrat Party, a relentless goal to include all seven steps, fifty years has put them well on the road to creating a Socialist State in America. They even have candidates calling themselves Social Democrats, Progressives and Socialists.

World History Lesson: Where did the ideas for total government control of all these parts of your life came from? 

Back in the Middle Ages prior to the American Revolution, everybody in the world lived under a King, Queen, Czar, Imperial Dynasty and Empires. The idea of self-rule “We the People” being in charge did not exist any place on the face of the planet, well unless you go back to Ancient Greece, the Republics.

So here we were, thirteen colonies, loyal subjects of King George, we draw up a Declaration of Independence, we pull together a loose Confederation of colonies and we pick a fight⏤the world’s greatest power, England. 

When it is over⏤everyone around the world is amazed and all the dynasty’s kingdoms and empires suddenly feel threatened and a lot of the people under their thumb feel encouraged.

A revolution in France, limiting the King’s power in England, other European countries started to modify their government “Constitutional Monarchy”. Russia ruled by the Czars for hundreds of years. World War I and certain political parties within Russia decided it was time to change things. 

Russian’s rioted, anarchists made speeches, why was this happening?

Poverty of the Peasant Class, rise of an Urban Industrial Class, antiquated and oppressed Military, a growing intellectual movement, and basically the inefficiency and autocracy of the Czarist regime. To make things worse Russia’s participation in World War I was catastrophic, they had massive casualties, expenditures and famine and unrest.

How many of the Alinsky’s boxes can we check off for what was going on in Russia?

One of the key figures amongst many was Vladimir Lenin who had been exiled in 1905, previously a political agitator, was brought back in 1917 when all of this was about to boil over. Brought back to Russia he became the leader of the Bolshevik party and immediately condemned the existing government.

Lenin knew those “Rules for Radicals” the Bolsheviks under Lenin seized the rail lines, banks, post offices, strategically advantageous bridges and rail heads. They took over the telegraph offices and all the equipment they did this all within two days with minimal amount of violence⏤the Bolsheviks were in control of Russia.

Lenin promised the public that under Bolshevik leadership he would provide plentiful amounts of food, shelter, and money for all Russians⏤but it did not happen. 

He also seized all public lands and private land, no longer any private ownership of property. Russian soldiers were returning from World War I, there were no jobs, farmers were growing just enough food to feed their families, and by early 1918 there was a Civil War. One of the things that Karl Marx had said “Changing government requires a violent Revolution”. Lenin was a strong advocate of Marxian theory, the creator of the original “Set of Rules”.

Two months into the Civil War, Lenin launched his Red Terror campaign. Not surprisingly it included terrorist tactics, abductions, assassinations of disloyal government officials, everything to squash disobedience and rebellion. Reports that the Red Terror movement often burned people alive in large graves.

So much for history, but you might get the idea that Saul Alinsky was not the first to apply “Rules for Radicals”⏤he put it all together in a nice book that became the primer for Radicalism and Transformation to a Socialist State.

World War I ended, much of Europe in disarray, in ruin, Germany defeated⏤Russia by now under communist regime and England and the United States, the preeminent world powers.

Wilson proposed the League of Nations which the United States never joined. Roaring Twenties saw prosperity and then the Stock Market Crash of 1929, not only affecting the United States, but on a global basis the industrialized countries. The politicians did all the wrong things to end economic failure, famine, social unrest⏤none of them worked.

Why is this important, because at this time, things were changing in Germany, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor, England was taking a stance of isolation even though they had a global empire, basically nobody wanted another Great War.

Political parties in the United States were many⏤not just Democrats and Republicans, a Communist Party of the United States was founded, the National Workers Party of America was founded, big unions formed, class division grew, cities exploded, industrialization blossomed everywhere. 

And the FBI turned itself into investigative political arm of the government going after socialists, communists, other fractional parties, and after the minority party at the time, Republicans.

At the same time, these parties were subversive, they wanted to change the government of the United States. And they viewed the Great Depression as an opportunity and not a problem. Country in debt, dismal economic outlook, class division. Most of the factors again enumerated in the Rules for Radicals existed.

World War II ended; the world had changed significantly. China by 1949 came under Communist Control. Soviet Union now controlled most of Eastern Europe including half of Germany. The map had been redrawn and the politics changed with them. Kings and Queens disappeared, figure head monarchies were now run by bureaucrats such as the Supreme Soviet and their local lackeys.

This was the 50s and the early 60s, the United States of America was experiencing fantastic prosperity, everybody wanted to own their own home, jobs were plentiful we were the industrial might of the world, factories and supplier to everybody, breadbasket to the world that was trying to rebuild.

The only thing we missed was the expanding efforts of a movement to change the United States. People were being indoctrinated into the thoughts of socialism, success of the Soviet Union⏤they beat us into space and propaganda led the Revolution in Cuba to become a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Our State Department and Intelligence Agencies sure missed that one. 

In the mid-60s, groups started springing up among the students of our universities in Chicago, New England, California; such groups as Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Weather Underground, Chicago Seven and many other groups that were associated with SDS and Weather Underground. Different names and different leaders, but this became a national grouping of people with radical ideas that wanted change and a change by any method was acceptable to them.

In 1966 and 1967 the Socialist movement became aligned with the modified and transformed civil rights movement. Martin Luther King always was an advocate of peaceful change, cooperation, coming together, but after he was assassinated civil rights became marked by aggressive violent activists and played right into the Weather Underground movement led by Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn.  

The Long Hot Summer of 1967 marked by 179 riots that were more than just peaceful demonstrations, clashes with police, arrests, as they champion the civil rights movement and growing objection to the War in Vietnam. To the point where in 1968 Lyndon Johnson said he would not seek a second term as president.

In 1968, violence of a political causes exploded exponentially. Riots at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago covered the newspapers and broadcasts for a week. Then riots in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC required mass policing and National Guard assistance, even active duty Army on the streets of our Capital. 

At a glance⏤it does not look like we have come far in terms of securing our nation against the enemy within.

Some people say that the “Enemy Within” is the future of America. These groups call for nothing less than revolution, changing the United States. There was a Beatles song “Revolution” one line says, “We don’t want a Revolution we just want to change the world” ironic isn’t it.

Here we are June 2020, 150 days till election, and in less than six months we have seen dramatic influences to our country. Opened the year with a fantastic economic surge, all minorities, all ethnic groups participating, grated some at different levels, record low levels of unemployment, surging wages, prosperity unrivaled in 50 years. 

Then suddenly Corona virus, COVID-19, was let loose in the United States. Experts tell us the only way to beat it is to lock down the country, isolation, social distancing, shut down all but essential industry and commerce. 

Massive unemployment set in faster than during the Great Depression. Government instituted shutdown of the economy was necessary to save lives they say.

There is a dramatic upturn by the anarchists, the change elements of society, the far left of the Democrat Party. You hear talk of nationalization of industry, eliminating fossil fuels completely, cutting the military, redistribution of wealth, sound familiar Mr. Alinsky ?!?

Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” today’s Score Card.

  1. Healthcare – the Democrats of the far left want single-payer Medicare for all eliminating all private employer-based healthcare plans, increasing your taxes substantially to pay for it and giving control of what you are eligible for Medical Care to the bureaucrats.
  2. Poverty – an estimated 80 million people fell below the poverty level due to the pandemic shut down and destroyed thousands of businesses.
  3. Debt – we have taken on more debt as a nation in the last 10 weeks then almost 200 years of our country. The implications are staggering, the national debt will be 150% of GDP this year.
  4. Gun control – politicians wanting to limit the Second Amendment and at the same time reduce or eliminate the police departments across the nation with some new social programs as solutions.
  5. Welfare – with the pandemic. the government has passed out almost $4 trillion in additional subsistence payments to people. it is a huge amount and none of the other programs have gone away. Welfare and assistance touches had over 50% of America’s population, consumes almost 60% of the national budget. This is unsustainable.
  6. Education – Democrats have held control for the last 50 years. We spend more dollars per pupil than any nation on the face of the earth, yet our educational systems fail in the cities and suburbs for minorities and majorities, they are terrible. Political indoctrination has replaced traditional education. Civics History, Science being rewritten to a new fantasy.
  7. Religion – many people are saying that Freedom of Religion was particularly suppressed during the pandemic while other group functions were not. There was no consideration made for modification of worship. In many states and cities religious participation reached record lows.
  8. Class warfare – all you have to do is listen to a campaign speech by anyone in the Democrat Party, everyone wants to redistribute wealth, increase taxes, increase welfare handouts, even guarantee everybody in the country at $2000 a month salary, totally impractical and financially impossible.

Are the anarchists the Social Democrats; are they Communists, are they Revolutionaries, are they winning or losing? Opening the Economy – Blue state governors and mayors are dragging their feet, why? I see this as a totally political issue.

Some say healthcare will be one of the predominant issues in the upcoming presidential election. 

Poverty is not going away unless we can return to the prosperity that ended in January.

Debt, we have lost control, unfortunately the rest of the world is doing just as bad or worse. Debt is an election issue. Even though it was approved overwhelming by bipartisan majorities in Congress. 

Gun control will probably be a greater issue as localities dismantle their police departments. Will this have catastrophic effects on law and order?

Welfare continues to spiral upward, out of control, nobody wants to touch the entitlements, that is another discussion. 

Education remains under control of the Democrats⏤the issue of school choice will be a discussion. Democrats control the curriculum and indoctrination process that has replaced education. 

Battle lines have been drawn over religion. The conservatives in the United States have a higher religious participation rate than the liberals and millennials and their materialistic liberal viewpoints of religious suppression will be in play. 

Social Democrats have been driving class warfare, on almost every front⏤every issue is a prime consolidation point for their arguments. 

What kind of score do I give the leftist Socialist Anarchist movement on an Alinsky Report card? I would say it is tipping the scale at about 50%. In some locals higher, for some groups much higher. 

As I said upfront: Scary part is if they win the Presidential Election, the foundations of our Republic will be so significantly undermined in 5 to 10 years you will not have a United States of America. In that period, many foresee Civil War, division of the country into regions and challenges to the United States on the world stage by our adversaries which could launch, God forbid a nuclear holocaust killing hundreds of millions if not billions of people potentially eliminating all life on the planet. 

I only hope that people can come together, restore dialog and conversations. Maybe more face to face and less hanging out on the web would help restore belief in our fellow man and women. Stop the shouting, rioting posturing and solve the fundamental problems we keep kicking down the road for political gain. There is much more to lose if we do not put petty politics behind us.

America is not perfect, we are still a young country, we have wasted our great opportunities on Political Correctness, ignoring the real problems, creating new fake ones, labeling people, dividing them by ethnic and racial origins when we are all Americans, citizens of one country, one Constitution, one Bill of Rights, One Out of Many.