Have people forgotten the border crisis and invasion by waves of illegal aliens that continues? One might think so given the absence of legacy media reporting on the subject. That’s understandable since the majority of normal Americans (less the political class) favor finishing the Wall and cutting off that invasion. The legacy media cannot promote political advantage for the Democrats on that topic, so they have moved on to other topics, especially Ukraine and their Soviet star chamber-style impeachment nonsense.

Let us return to the border and take a peek at one of the major reasons why the border needs to be shut down – to stop drug and human trafficking by the Mexican drug cartels. Events in Sinaloa show things are not well south of the border. This is a pretty good report by PBS with video.

Mexico is becoming high priority for security assistance/cooperation. However, there have not been any apparent improvements despite multiple attempts with NORTHCOM and Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) Mexico. There ALWAYS will be drug cartels in Mexico, Colombia, the Golden Triangle, Afghanistan, and anywhere else around the world as long there are inelastic-demand markets worth hundreds of billion $$$s for illegal narcotics in Japan, Europe, and especially in the USA.

The main law enforcement successes in the War on Drugs usually happen only when one cartel decides to knock off a rival cartel’s leadership by surreptitiously providing actionable intelligence to the federales. In that case, their competitors can be arrested, extradited, or killed, and their network smashed – leaving a vacuum for the other cartel to move into. That is pretty much what happened when the more sophisticated and subtle Cali Cartel wanted Pablo Escobar out of the way, because he was just a rough and tumble violent killer without much diplomatic or political touch. Why KILL politicians and lawmen (bringing a lot of heat down on yourself and your Cartel) when you can simply just BUY them to work for you – either with plush bribes they willingly take, or with “Plata o Plomo” (silver or lead) incentives and disincentives?

With Escobar dead and many of his relatives and lieutenants in jail, the Cali Cartel pretty much took over the territory and operations of the former Medellin Cartel, bigger and better than ever. The novel and movie “Clear and Present Danger” deal with this issue a little bit. To a significant degree the same has happened in Mexico, with some cartels defeating their older rivals and rising with the help of facilitated/cued targeted law enforcement efforts.

In Mexico, such stratagems also have been used within cartels by junior capos who want to get the senior leaders out of the way for their own rise to power. But here is the big point. You know that occasionally in Latin America and Asia bigwig drug capos and cartel warlords like Escobar and El Chapo Guzmán are tracked down and arrested. Some are even tried and jailed for long prison terms (if they do not escape with insider help) or are killed like Pablo. Now, pray tell, who and where are the American drug lords, distributors, and market controllers within this country? Other than a few American-citizen rinky-dink mid-level cocaine dealers back in the 1980s, can anyone recall an American major syndicate/ network/ distributor/ financier being brought down by law enforcement in this country, not even by the much-vaunted FBI?

So what is happening? Do these big fish–who undoubtedly exist and prosper–operate with impunity and seamless golden political protection right under the eyes of the American Media, politicians, and law enforcement agencies?

Is it the leaders of the Italian, or Jewish, or Jamaican or Russian Mafias? Or a combination of the above? Moreover, who are the (many?) corrupted Federal, state, and local politicians and corrupt law enforcement officers who facilitate narco-traffic within America, and look the other way for the big shipments and the big sales? Why do they NEVER seem to be caught, tried, and convicted, or ever covered in the legacy media’s reporting?

A slight parting of the cloud cover providing a glimpse of accountability occurred in the mid-to-late 1980s. There were persistent credible reports of huge multi-ton shipments of cocaine and other drugs being flown in frequently from Latin America by cargo-configured DC-10s, B-727’s, and B707s to a 13,000-foot runway out in the woods near Mena, Arkansas. Neither local, state, nor Federal authorities (including not the FAA) ever interfered with these airlifts, and there was no tracking as to where the drugs were distributed beyond Mena. The legacy media reporter(s) that did a little digging had the impression that the Mena drug operations were part of the Ollie North/Reagan White House “nifty idea” triangle-trade on behalf of the Nicaraguan Contras.

Supposedly, the Contras were deeply involved in the Central American drug trade, and used the profits from shipments into the USA to buy arms, Miami villas and condos, and a luxurious lifestyle for their leaders. Bill Clinton, who was then governor of Arkansas, gave some credence to these allegations by admitting in an interview (don’t recall the precise venue) that he was aware of the mysterious flights into Mena. However, he claimed that he had been told bluntly by unnamed senior people in Washington to keep his nose out of it because this was supposedly a clandestine CIA operation! Other reporters, including one disgruntled Clinton biographer in the early 1990s, strongly believed that Clinton was himself part of the criminal enterprise. They thought that he was getting a substantial cut of the action to look the other way, along with Arkansas state and local authorities he controlled.

Perhaps others involved in law enforcement and all-source interagency counter-drug efforts can relate some stories about big American drug kingpins who have been caught, tried, and convicted in the USA. Are there any? A few shady “financiers” allegedly involved with the wholesale drug trade – and also with impeccable Washington political connections and protectors – like Robert Vesco (Nixon) and Marc “Richie” Rich (Clintons) all got get out of jail cards easily (pardons or commutations) and fled to tropical retreats in Latin America with $$$ hundreds of millions of illicit money to mellow their retirements. There were also allegations about Bebe Rebozo (Nixon again) and Bert Lance (Carter).

The late Manuel Noriega may have had an unexplained permanent gag and no-media-contact order during his long years of imprisonment after the 1989 Operation Just Cause, allegedly precisely due to the fact that he knew important names in the USA of those elites who received and distributed the big drug shipments that he facilitated from South America, and their political protection cronies in government, including allegedly friends of or even members of the Bush family!

It’s not just the drug cartels. There are other shady operators who have escaped justice You may also recall that Joe Kennedy Sr. made his millions during Prohibition facilitating criminal bootlegging and imports of bootleg liquor for organized crime syndicates. His Mafia connections helped get the unions votes and (with a $7 million bribe) the Democrat nomination and the Chicago/Cook County machine vote for JFK in 1960.

Then there is also still much that is opaque about how the late disgusting Jeffrey Epstein made his billions. It seems that “hedge fund investments” were not really a significant part of his business empire.

Reportedly, Nancy Pelosi’s grandfather (family name D’Alessandro) also ran bootlegging rackets for the Mafia pre-WW-II, and her father allegedly was closely tied to the Sam Giancana mob family, importing heroin from Asia into the West Coast.

Sam Giancana (the Mob) apparently provided JFK with at least one mistress, and he was a primary financier of J. Edgar Hoover’s gambling addiction for the ponies and the dogs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. He may also have been blackmailing Hoover over his cross-dressing homosexuality. Who knows? How is it that all of these people seem to get away with everything?

In the climate of fake news that we live in today, it’s hard to tell how many of such long-rumored allegations are accurate, but surely there are indeed major drug kingpins inside the US who make the Mexican and Colombian cartels seem like Boy Scout troops.

Moreover, it is most likely that there are slimy people all the way up to the highest levels of American government who have been corrupted or blackmailed by these crooks in order to protect and cooperate with our homeboy Yankee narco-capitalists. San Fran Nan comes immediately to mind, and there are bound to be others. Whom do you suppose El Chapo gave up while he was under wraps? What do you think?  

The end.