Because of time difference between President Trump’s speech and Europe, I decided it would be best to READ than listen to it.

I am an Iraqi in exile hence the outsider looking in.

As far as I am concerned, at my first reading, he came across as extremely articulate and supplied Americans with the facts and reality regarding the incredible achievements (against enormous and appalling odds) made in two years under his watch.

He was appealing to his opponents to join him in getting things done instead of wasting time confronting him only out of spite. It was very Presidential.

He pointed out how when both parties work together they can accomplish in a few days what months and years of stupid and unnecessary confrontations waste. He listed several significant bipartisan achievements that are in the public domain for those who are in doubt.

I read it twice just to make sure that my first conclusion is correct and this is it:

While the Democrats are self-destructing in their support of a leftist socialist Communistic agenda, making them an extreme fringe party, President Trump was addressing the tens of millions of citizens of Middle America. He was targeting and attempting to appeal to America’s Centre by declaring publicly and emphatically that:

“America will never be a socialist country.” 


Which of the achievements made under his watch in the last two years can any decent and sane American disagree with?

The lowest unemployment levels in a half-century of African-Americans, Hispanic and Asian American.

Manufacturing businesses coming back to the USA

A booming economy

Hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs

Millions of Americans are more dignified by being off food stamps

Winning the economic battles with China, Latin America and Europe

The USA is now the foremost producer of Oil and Gas in the world making her politically invulnerable to blackmail by OPEC or any other enemy.

In international politics, the USA is more respected and feared than under eight years of the cowardly and groveling Obama administration. If anyone needs proof; not once in the last two years have the Mullahs of Iran dared a single miss step.

The fact that immediately after his speech almost 76% of Americans liked his speech and 72% supported him on Immigration bodes very well IF he will continue hammering the Democrats by repeatedly (I mean literally every single week) reminding Americans where they are at economically, jobs, unemployment, manufacturing, security and International politics to keep them fully informed instead of relying on the Fake News from the Enemies of the “We the People” called the Media.

This was his challenge to the Democrats to try and prove they can do better for Americans than he.

The most interesting and remarkable omission in this speech is the total lack of mention of Islamic terrorism internally or externally.

As I have repeatedly pointed out the following of simplest of facts: President Trump cannot and will not alone achieve his goals for a Great America without the active involvement of “We the People” who must make sure for the survival of the Republic that the Democrats will not win the 2020 elections.