Dear Mr. President:  

America has never needed you more. The crises that face America today are coming together in a perfect storm that is compounded by fake news, fraudulent reporting of COVID-19 statistics, a huge rise in random violence around the country, and demonstrations in the streets of our biggest cities that are funded by Marxist, anarchist, and socialist groups with deep pockets. 

Most Republicans are afraid to spell out the problem. They are afraid to call out the despicable behavior of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and all the other anarchist, socialist, and Marxist groups that support them. They fail to acknowledge that this is no longer about race, it is about power, and the determination to destroy America. 

Most Democrats ARE the problem. They are actively supporting the chaos in our streets, the lawlessness, the riots, the destruction, and the attacks on law enforcement and other Americans who don’t agree with their agenda. The mayors of blue cities and the governors of blue states are enablers of those who threaten America and the more than 300 million Americans who call this country “home”. 

And those Americans in positions of influence – regardless of party or ideology – who sit silent and do nothing to fight the growing anarchy and destruction of America – are supporting it with their silence. 

So it is time to speak out. What have we become?  

In the first six months of 2020, the death rate from murders in this country has skyrocketed. In Chicago, murders were up 39%. In Minneapolis they were up 47%. In Denver they were up 48%. In Cincinnati they were up 77%.

Yet Black Lives Matter and its supporters want to get rid of the police! And the Democrat mayors of major cities around the country are listening. 

  • In New York City, Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio has already removed $1 billion from the New York Police Department’s $6 billion budget. 
  • The Seattle City Council has caved in to BLM demands and supported a 50% defunding of its police department. 
  • And the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to approve a measure to abolish the city’s police department. And then they hired private security for themselves. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling!

It is difficult – no impossible – to understand what is driving these Democrats to embrace the threats, the violence, the destruction, and the chaos that these so-called ‘demonstrations’ have caused. Is it lack of will? Is it fear? Do they actually agree with the demands to defund the police and leave the residents of their cities helpless against the rampant crime that results? Have they even thought about what will happen to their own constituents when they are threatened and call 911 and no one answers?

When the Mayor of New York City, the tenth largest city in the world, not only agreed to allow huge Black Lives Matter signs to be painted on the streets of the city, but participated himself in painting such a sign on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower, he made a huge political statement. And he did this even as crime in New York City is spiking to terrifying levels, putting the people who live there are at greater personal risk than ever before. This is the same Mayor who put a ‘no cash bail’ law into effect, pushing violent criminals back on the street through a legal revolving door. They are arrested, booked, and released to commit more crimes, which many already have. New York City has become a dangerous place to live. And it is getting worse. 

Common sense has been banished and replaced with craven support of mob rule. Our blue states have become havens for criminals, and nightmares for the law-abiding people, the elderly, and the children, who live there.  

Our country is in mortal danger of being overwhelmed by anarchists, socialists, and Marxists. And now the Democrats have chosen a barely-there old man to be their candidate for President. It seems clear that there is a plan to get him elected and then, either control him once he is in the White House, or use the 25th Amendment to replace him with the Vice President of their choice. It is a sinister plot that coincides with the sinister activities on the streets of our cities.

Mr. President, it is time to take our country back. 

Mob rule, anarchy, Marxism, socialism, and the chaos that they bring have no place in America. We are better than this. 

But we are running out of time. The insurrection is gaining steam, and the silence from the left is deafening. The liberal ‘leaders’, elected by the people, who have betrayed their oath to protect their constituents, the ‘goldfish’ who can’t see beyond their little bowls, the ‘snowflakes’ who melt when confronted by big ideas that they don’t understand, and the mobs who don’t care what anybody else thinks – they are all feeding into the momentum of this chaotic insurrection. They can’t or they refuse to see the danger coming right at them and they are rushing to embrace it.

It is time for YOU, Mr. President, to assert whatever authority the law allows – to end the chaos that mob rule has brought to our country and to put America back on its path to the future.  

America’s heart and soul – the patriots who love this country as it was always meant to be – we are counting on you. 

Godspeed, Mr. President. And God bless America.