Why the long face John? Is it because the treasonous nuclear deal you crafted with Iran as part of Barack Obama’s ‘Weaken America Campaign’ has been unceremoniously discarded by President Donald Trump? Your only diplomatic legacy swept away, just as much of Barack Obama’s pathetic eight years in office are also disappearing quickly from America’s collective memory like a bad dream.

The agreement you arranged with Iran was so one-sided in favor of the Islamic Republic that only someone who is either a complete idiot, or who hates his own country could have agreed to it. By the way, your agreement was with a country whose publicly stated and unchanged goal is the complete destruction of the United States of America, or as they like to call us “the Great Satan”. And the agreement you worked out with them put them on the path to developing the very nuclear weapons they might one day use to achieve their goal!

As the former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and later Secretary of State under Barack Obama, you apparently fancy yourself as some kind of an elder statesman, and once again it’s rumored that you are a possible presidential candidate in 2020. During Obama’s wretched eight years in office one rarely saw you and Obama together in the same room since most rooms weren’t large enough to accommodate both of your massive egos at the same time. You both are two of the most self-serving, conceited, and full of themselves politicians to ever appear on the national stage.

Apparently your defeat at the hands of the bumbling George W. Bush hasn’t sunk in yet that your ideology has already been roundly rejected once by the American people. ‘Kerry 2.0’ likely won’t be any more well received. Americans want prosperity and a chance at the American dream. Not warmed over socialist policies that have failed everywhere they’ve been tried.

As you continue to jet around the world to meet with heads of state on your wife’s Ketchup money, you’re coming perilously close to violating U.S. law. Specifically the Logan Act which has seldom if ever really been used to prosecute an American citizen for interfering with official U.S. diplomatic policy. Hey Jeff Sessions, perhaps it’s time for a test case!

You have a long history of screwing over America, dating back to the Vietnam era when you accused your fellow service members of being ‘marauding Mongol hordes, raping, pillaging, and plundering their way across South Vietnam’. The reality was much different, but that didn’t fit into your anti-war agenda.

Most of the soldiers whose character you impugned served with honor and distinction during the Vietnam War. They did their duty in the finest traditions of the United States military, often performing heroically, and then returned home to an ungrateful country because of liars like you. Once back home most of them put Vietnam behind them and tried to resume their lives. Many becoming leaders in business and industry.

But the truth didn’t matter to you back then, just as it has never mattered much to you ever since. You are nothing more than a career politician who has never held a real job in your life. And with your massive ego you seem to think that America needs you. Well John, we don’t. We’d just as soon you crawl back under the rock from which you came, and take your America-hating message with you.

The Trump Administration has done a pretty fair job at reestablishing American leadership in the world which had been severely diminished by eight years of Obama, including during your tenure as Secretary of State.

North Korea has come to the bargaining table and for the first time it appears that real progress is being made on the Korean Peninsula. Iran has been put on notice that their hostile actions against American interests in the Arabian Gulf will not be tolerated. And the Trump Administration for damn sure won’t be thanking the Iranians like you did for humiliating American sailors.

John, it’s time for you to butt out! 

America is doing just fine without you.