The young man who wrote the following is an extraordinary young man. His post is a lesson to us all in how to handle those feelings we all get when we are so frustrated and angry and just want to quit. This touched my heart…

“I’m driving home pouting and mad because I got beat this weekend and all I want to do is quit and just give up on the whole thing. I haven’t done nearly as well this year as the last 2 years and I’ve been extremely disappointed in myself and my animals. But how many people had all the talent and all the tools but not enough heart? I’ve been bucking bulls since I can remember and we’ve all seen people come in and do really good and then their luck runs short and you never see them again. And it’s in anything. There’s 1000 quitters for every 1 winner. Persistence is what it takes. We need to be content with what we have. Me especially. We’re all blessed. God’s been really speaking to my heart and it’s tough to be obedient to his voice. Especially when your body is exhausted and you want to quit. But in the Bible, he tells us we don’t understand what he’s doing now, but we will. You just have to have faith and believe. Stay persistent. Have lots of heart”

I’ll leave his name private, but here is why I think he is an example to this generation of young people. He lives on a ranch in the heartland. His parents are good people, salt of the earth, and religious, patriotic, nice people. They instilled the value of hard work into their children, the value of God in their life, the values of responsibility, accountability, persistence and respect. He is lucky to have that extraordinary benefit to have as a foundation.

This young man cares for, and trains bucking bulls, some of which are mine. He gets up early and goes to bed late. He raises baby bulls to be some of the most elite bucking bulls in the country. He hauls 20 or more 1600 lb bucking bulls to events sometimes over 1000 miles away. I have seen him in that trailer alone with my own 2 bulls who were have a bull argument, and he is the one in there with them, calming them so they can get everyone else loaded and moving. He takes them to the arenas, and he stays with them to be sure they are well cared for, well fed, have water, and fresh hay and feed. He ties their flank ropes and stands with them while they wait for the gate to open and they have their 8 seconds of glory, or no glory that day. He loads them all up again, and takes them to their pens, and does it again the next day.

He practices the bulls on the ranch, he talks to them, goes into their pens and brushes them and scratches their necks. This is a 24/7 kind of job, and he does it every day.  Rain, snow, ice, wind, or heat he is there. I am not sure, but my guess is he is one of the youngest in the bucking bull industry to have a load of bucking bulls in the PBR. That is like having a champion racehorse or a champion dog. It took work, and commitment and persistence. When the bulls don’t do well, he is down for sure. But compare and contrast how he handles those hard times, when things don’t work out no matter how hard he tried, how much effort he put in.

He did not blame someone else, he did not lash out in anger, he did not go hurt someone, he did not quit. He owned it, and he knows the answers are within himself and his God, and no one else. The youth today are too often self-centered, lazy and entitled. There are few that work as hard as this young man. He is an inspiration and a shining example of what is good in our future generation of leaders. I hope there are many more like him out there. By the way, this young man is only 19 years old. My cowboy hat is off to him. He has his feet firmly planted and he gets it.