I once had a psychic say to me as she read my palms,

“Ray, you have an old soul who was born to travel”.
To which I replied “Of course, I am a Jew and we’ve been traveling for 5,770 years”

Passover, which aligns very closely to Easter, is a highly symbolic occasion for Jews, which yearly recounts the story of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, where, as the story goes, they were slaves unto Pharaoh…

By definition, probably from the Latin, Exodus, means; to go forth, or a departure, to exit.

This particular event in Jewish history had particular importance because they basically had to leave in haste and take all which they could carry with them and leave everything else behind.

They had no particular destination in mind and left with only their freedom, a hope and a promise of a homeland where they could dwell in peace.

Their direction was into the desert. In addition, they would have to wander in this arid wilderness for 40 years! What a deal!!!

Since it was common for a life expectancy to be much shorter than it is today, 40 years was akin to 3 full generations. Grandparent, child, grandchild.

Quite a bit happened during those 40 years. We learn about Moses, who led the Jews out of Egypt but never lived to the end of the 40 years. We learn of the parting of the Red Sea and we learn of the delivery of 2 scrolls, written in stone containing the 10 commandments, laying out some basic ground rules, laws, for how we should live a life. A new structure of beliefs was born.

What can be learned from all of this, as we look at life here in 2019? I see many similarities.

Certainly, if we are 1st or 2nd generation Americans, meaning our Grandparents or parents were born in another country, Then we are descendants of their Exodus.

The Irish Exodus came as a result of the great potato famine in Ireland because it meant life or death by starvation.

The Italians were also in search of a better life outside of their borders…

The Jews of Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century had their Exodus because of their vision and evidence of impending doom. We have later learned from history that nearly all of the Jews who remained in Europe were exterminated in the Holocaust.

Today, we are seeing Exodus’ out from Africa and Asia, as well. Whether we agree with it or not, America and the dream it holds for others, is and will always be the worldly destination for those in search of fulfilling their dreams: building a safe future against all obstacles, whether they are social, political or religious.

The commonalities today are quite parallel to those of Ancient time. It has all been connected one generation at a time.

These of course were examples of group exoduses; so that nationalities would survive as there was safety in numbers with a commonality of language. They too left with nothing material in nature, with only a thirst for survival and freedom, against all odds To them, the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean miraculously parted the same way as the Red Sea.

Our great American cities were built with the hands of these immigrant souls who also wandered into the American desert with no particular destination or goal in mind and interestingly it also took about 40 years to build their lives and carve stones of their own, to pass on to the next generation. They built up this Country from the inside out.

We often think of a departure, as leaving, to go somewhere, to go forth.

And while that is factually true, when examined more closely, while in the act of departing, we also arrive somewhere else.

An exodus is not only a physical exodus, but it can also be an exodus of Heart, Body and Soul.

To me, an exodus first occurs on a personal level.

Personal change can only occur, when we are willing to depart from our existing way of thinking, too arrive somewhere else and to challenge long held beliefs, is a form of exodus; to exit where we are, so we can get somewhere else.

Two opposing beliefs can not occupy the same space. We either keep our beliefs where they are or we clear the slate by exiting, until we arrive at our newer self. Doing this takes risk, no different than what our ancestors had to do, to survive.

We are living proof that the Exodus is alive and well in all of us. The beautiful thing is⏤you won’t need a Psychic to tell you that because it’s all in the palm of your hands.

Written by RayRay 3/29/10 and updated 4/19/19