What is it with these Democrats? Even after three years of incomparable success under Trump’s leadership, they are still consumed by rage. They cannot understand why Trump hasn’t already collapsed under their withering assaults like any normal Republican should. But, he beats them at every turn; makes them look like the incompetent amateurs they have become and in their derision, they take sides with our enemy. Their public persona, now exposed for all to see, clearly stamps them as an American Fifth Column for supporting the fascism that is Islam. 

The killing of an Iranian General on a Baghdad battlefield he was preparing to capture was, for democrats an unholy, totally illegal “assassination” of a harmless Islamic scholar defending his poor country. Never mind that Obama, without due process, used the same weapons to kill an American citizen engaged in anti-American terrorism. But, the killing of that fellow was quickly dropped by the Leftist media and now is all but forgotten.

Democrats are going ‘nuts’ over Trump fulfilling his promises to restore America’s rightful position of world hegemony and with it, the respect that comes with overwhelming military strength.

Obama’s goal was to make Americans miserable and having nearly succeeded⏤Democrats argue that that’s the way it should stand. According to them, if third world countries feel the need to demonstrate against the “Great Satan,” then it’s because America has suppressed them for decades and drove them to it and now it’s time for them to get even and Americans should just stand back and let ’em. Apparently, that includes Iran.

And, lest we forget, when Obama killed his terrorist target(s) with drones, he also lacked Congressional approval. Neither did Obama have any post war plan to keep Syria from falling into ISIS hands, and he actually orchestrated the murder, or assassination was it? of Libya’s dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, even after he gave up his nuclear program.

But Trump clearly does not subscribe to a foreign policy that enshrines weakness through appeasement as the vehicle to protect America.

Indeed, he just delivered a message to the Iranian Mulla’s to be careful about attacking Americans again. And then comes Nancy Pelosi and her ‘Ship of Fools’ Dreadnaught machine to try to limit the Presidents ability to attack terrorists, when opportunity arises. Never mind that she can’t even get her articles of impeachment delivered to the Senate. Maybe she should use the US Post Office to get ’em there. 

Since the untimely but welcomed death of Iranian Islamic Scholar Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the Leftist media and their Democrat proxies have gone into hyper-ventilation approaching near apoplexy over the President’s decisive actions that he promised he would do.

We now see the two Socialist candidates for President, Bernie Sanders and white Indian squaw who speaks with forked tongue, Elizabeth Warren, in a conference call with radical Islamic elements whose sole intent is to bring America, then the world, into their 14th century Islamic fold of fascists slavery. Soleimani, an active disciple of that evil scheme, reaped his just reward in Baghdad. I wonder who got his ring?    

Interestingly, a video of a C-Span speech by Nancy Pelosi laying out the Democrats tactics of destruction used to corral Republicans is available on YouTube. It’s the Democrat playbook version of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: “demonize, smear, falsehoods, then merchandise it then wrap-up tactic,” tactics we see right before our eyes. Socialism is too expensive for a free people and Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!