Do you agree with the following statement? Education today determines tomorrow’s philosophy and scope of government, quality of culture, influence of the church, strength of the family, and the health of our economy.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and other dictators knew that if they could get control of education, they could control future generations and the direction of the their countries. The American Progressives (i.e. Communists) who control America’s government (public) education system know the same thing. That’s why God and the Bible have been removed from public education and our children are being actively indoctrinated into the lies of socialism, communism, sexual hedonism and one world government.

Here’s the good news, though. There IS an alternative education model which is resolute in teaching the biblical principles which sustain liberty! It is called The Foundation of Christian Education. Carol Adams, Ph.D. serves as President of this prestigious educational organization. F.A.C.E. is truly needed all over America…in thousands of  churches…in thousands of homes… and accessible from every community.

Be encouraged. Jesus Christ has not abandoned the children.

#MAGA with The Foundation of Christian Education. This IS an answer in how to rebuild America with the same biblical principles that America’s Founding Fathers knew so well. 

The Foundation of American Christian Education!!

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