The Top Stories – House Judiciary Committee Passes Both Articles of Impeachment | Does Pelosi Have the Votes? Does McConnell Acquit or Dismiss? | What Questions do we ask the Whistleblower? | China says it has agreed to US trade deal | Merry Brexmas! Boris Johnson Landslide Victory as Conservatives Win Big | Greta Thunberg, Time Person of the Year | Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and an extraordinary author who writes about America’s heroes. Former Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, deployments in South Korea, Thailand, Iraq & Afghanistan.

What’s Missing this Christmastime? – What is the true story of St Nicholas, and the famous red suit he wears? Christmas should be all about giving, not only gifts but of yourself. The Commercialism aspect of Christmas has pushed Christ out of the Season for many. Church attendance is down, as Christmas & Hanukkah have become secular. We will take a look back at yesteryear with memories of what was – and what is yet to come. Del Wilber is a former CIA and Department of Defense Intelligence and Counterterrorism Officer. Ron Edwards, Columnist and Host of The Edwards Notebook, a 90 sec informative spot heard on network. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and author.

Deception & Obfuscations: The Afghanistan War – Recently, documents surfaced regarding the long eighteen year war in Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department, the estimating cost was 1 Trillion dollars. “The Afghanistan Papers” portray the documents of the lies withheld by military and political officials through the Bush and Obama administrations. Is this just an extension of what has been going on for 60 -70 years, run by the military industrial establishment for the benefits of corporations and the Congressmen that support them? Gold Star Mother Susan Price is an Investigative Researcher, a Patriot and Veteran Advocate. 

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