June 21, 2021

June 21, 2021

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America’s Education Forces Every Student to Think Inside the Box

by | Jun 9, 2021 |

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SEL and CRT are just fancy names for behavior modification. A psychological trick is used to elicit the appropriate required response for an action. All the child does is learn the responses approved by the textbook company: no innovation, no creation, no competition, no thinking outside the box. Now every child must think inside the box. There is no room for individuality which is its purpose. No wonder why the STEM attendance is so poor. No thought, just stimulus, response, stimulus, response, training for Pavlov’s dogs, not people.

Rep. Mike Hill was a Congressman in Florida and will explain what life is like in the Statehouse. How do you get your local representative to listen to you? How do you get a bill passed? What is going on with the military? Pastor Rick Stevens: goflca.com, join the Florida Citizens Alliance. 

It is sad news that a true patriot and freedom warrior, author of Behind the Green Mask, Rosa Koire, passed away on May 31. Rest in Peace, my friend. You will be missed and remembered always.

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Karen Schoen

Patriot, Talk Radio Host, Marketing Consultant, Journalist, Advocate and Citizen Lobbyist, and Public Speaker -

Former candidate for Florida House, director of the Panhandle Patriots, and an advisor to Florida Citizens Alliance. My life and work experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of education and its effect on our students, economy, and country. My focus as an educator is connecting the dots. My business experiences in marketing brought me to multiple industries like telecommunication, insurance, real estate, mortgages, financial, fashion, Wall Street, Main Street. Here I learned that everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everything has a plan. All plans are based on lies. I believe that applying the knowledge is power. You can be a champion or a victim; you can’t be both. Ask yourself: Is America worth saving? If yes, then what will you help save the republic? Doing nothing is affirmation.

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