Just a few days ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.” How does that creation come about? In the case of America it has taken a couple decades to arrive at the point where the Hillary Clinton election would have sealed the deal to turn America into a functioning Socialist state with little to stop it.

At first glance it seems feasible because we now have swarms of young folks telling pollsters that Socialism, like AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders promote, would be a better alternative to our Constitution Representative Government because it’s more inclusive, whatever that means. They want full “Democracy” ie: majority rule so America is “safe” for all.

What Nancy did not reveal is their decades long Socialist plan to change America, as outlined in Saul Alinsky’s blueprint for American change, “Rules for Radicals” a Cliff Notes version of Marx’s Das Capital. We have has almost reached the point of no return. That theory was put into action by Lenin in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1914 that turned into eighty years of murder, brutality, starvation, pogoms, gulags, executions and the dehumanizing of the human spirit.  

When we look objectively at America’s deteriorating social standards, the collapse of our once renowned Liberal Colleges into socialist indoctrination centers, the ridiculing of our Judeo-Christian theories and philosophies, then the implementation of that Marxist theory by the Democrat Party cannot be denied and certainly not that far away. Trump’s election stopped it for now.  

To manipulate the emotions of the people and deny them their choices of free will based on religion, common sense, or even the Constitution, as we see happening on our streets, in our businesses and schools, proves it beyond doubt. Schiff’s phony Impeachment hearings proves that the Democrat (Socialist) Party is up to their neck in political machinations to make America Socialist. Of course, a Socialist America plays into the hands of the New World Order crowd who don’t care what a government calls itself so long as the financial mechanisms of their government flow through the hands of the worlds international bankers, the real “elites.” 

We instinctively know that what we are seeing isn’t right. The commotion over Schiff’s inquisition is barely nonexistent except in Adam Schiff’s tiny little brain and CNN. He has put on full display the weakness of his party’s socialist ‘due process’ theories already discredited by years of its application in Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba and Venezuela.  

Until that awful moment arrives here, we still have our free will and we should not be afraid to exercise it.

Until Progressive judges who order bakers to make gay wedding cakes, photographers to photograph gay weddings, or allow against parental objection, transgender perverts to speak to school classes are gone, we will be in the fight. We have to be. 

Are Conservatives, even capable of bringing our schools back into the warm glow of Western Civilization? Do we want to? Or, do we want to sink back into the morass of poverty our country rose up out of because we embraced a Constitutional government that fed our self-determination to grow and be better? Is socialism inevitable?

Trump is doing great damage to America’s socialist future with his judicial appointments but that won’t last beyond his next four year term. Who do we have lurking in the wings to add to Trump’s legacy? We’ve seen what the Democrats are throwing up as contenders and even their Party is unhappy.

Will Democrats be forced to resort to violence to stop the hemorrhage of their years of subverting America?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Noe, go get ‘em!