Malcolm and Michael return for Episode 23 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, arguing that the week to come may prove among the most defining such weeks in American history. Despite a Democrat party, progressive movement, and mainstream media that all have aligned in a unified way to argue that the November 3, 2020 presidential election was not plagued by fraud, the American people are not buying it. Even as social media censor those who point to examples of this fraud, Malcolm and Michael argue that the American people are correctly sensing that President Trump may well have been robbed of a sizable electoral victory in November.

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The polls support this thesis with an astonishing 47 percent of Americans seeing the election as fraud-ridden and 80 percent of Republicans seeing it so. In past episodes, Malcolm and Michael have argued that what really is needed is a neutral venue that will hear the evidence of this fraud, which now includes thousands of affidavits from whistleblowers, witnesses and experts, videos and photos, and a forensic audit of a Michigan voting system used in 28 states that found an astonishing 68 percent error rate.

Courts have been largely reluctant to resolve these election disputes, and state legislatures, which are charged with assigning electors, have also largely dodged these responsibilities. But in just three days, on January 6, both bodies of Congress will meet to count the votes of electors, and members of both the House and Senate already have arisen to say they will challenge what they see as fraudulent voting and election practices in multiple states. This challenge will prompt the first extensive evaluation of election fraud evidence since the controversial November 3 election. While the common perception is that Democrats will refuse to break from a perceived commitment to certify the election in Joe Biden’s favor, this may or may not prove the case. With the evidence of fraud persuasive, some or even many may feel no other option but to acknowledge it and join Republicans in decertifying state results in fraud-ridden states. Yet, even if they fail to do so, a fast-emerging second wave of America’s Tea Party movement appears poised to hold members of Congress in both parties accountable. As Congress debates the fraud on January 6, rallies opposing the fraud and calling for a Congressional rally are scheduled throughout the nation, and hundreds of thousands of Americans are anticipated to gather in Washington, D.C. to demand action.

In this 23rd episode, Malcolm and Michael describe this week to come as “America’s defining moment.” How will the American people rise to the challenge of a presidential election that appears fraudulently manipulated? That vital question will soon be answered.

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