One of the big differences between Free Market Capitalists and Socialists/Communists/Globalists is “CHOICE.” In America you are expected to make your own choices. You gather the research, analyze and make your choice. Is that possible anymore? Are our children taught the skills in school which will enable them to make the best choice for themselves, family and country? What happens when you are not taught the skills, when you can not make informed choices? You are given choices of the government (someone else’s choice) cloaked in the false premise that you are making the choice. Multiple choice is not a choice at all. The answers guide you into the choice someone else wants you to make. You have a choice of 4 items that I gave you to choose. I know the outcome in advance. I will nudge you into choosing the one I want you to choose. 

Socialist/Communist/Globalists believe in outcome based results. This means the outcome is predetermined in advance. Because the government / corporations make the choices, all choices have the same outcome.

Does a Socialist/Communist/Globalists have a choice? Yes they do, but it is the choice offered by the Socialist/Communist/Globalists. Let’s take something simple like the choice of a car. If you came to my showroom and I told you, you have a choice between black, silver, white and red, who’s choice are you making? What if I wanted a green car? Not available.    

In a Free Market Capitalists society, I would order the green car and it would be made for me. I am making my choice. 

Another “choice” that sticks out is school. If the curricula is common (communist) core, than what does it matter what or where you choose to send your child to school? The location is irrelevant if everyone is learning communism but it is presented as your “choice.”

Last year I had a talk with a group of college age students about our founders. At the end of the talk I asked the students which founder was not president? A young woman raised her hand and said, “I do not know how to answer that question.” Stunned I said, “Were you sitting here when we talked about 4 founders? Which one was not president?” ‘No you don’t understand,” she said. “In school they give me a choice of 4, You didn’t give me a choice.”

Today⏤school teaches the globalist structure. There are no choices unless it is provided by the school/government/corporation. School purposely teaches to the emotional part of the brain. With emotion being the driver of decision making, logic and reason are out the window. Once logic and reason are gone, it is easy to herd the troops into immediate action regardless of the truth. The truth becomes irrelevant. The action, riot, scream, protest becomes the driver regardless of the issue. Example: Because of the poor biology education which now focuses on trying to claim at least 60+ genders. You can tell the believers anything you want about men and women, they will not believe you. Biologically there are only 2 genders. Enter emotion and feelings and you can have as many genders as you want. If the emotion is strong enough, the lies will beat the truth every time.

“If you tell a lie often enough it will be believed.” The lies are also believed because they have more adventure, intrigue and creativity.   

In a capitalist society, products are born out of need. If it is needed, products will created and sold. If the product fits the need, quality and price, it will be invented, modified and sold over and over. The innovation and creation comes from the need. Modifying a product creates competition and usually dictates quality and longevity. This is how new inventions are created. Example: Men like to wear shits outside their pants. The shirts have long tails and look sloppy worn outside. So UNTUCKIT was created. This is a tailored shirt that can be worn outside. A new successful shirt that fits the need of people who wear their shirts un-tucked was created. Would this shirt be invented in China? No. Why? Because no one would think of wearing a shirt outside their pants. Everyone wears their clothes the same. Everyone must think the same, no deviation. Why? The people are easier to control if everyone thinks the same. All roads lead to Rome…

In the globalist society, needed essentials are provided by the government. Variety and quality suffer for there is little or no competition. New products are rarely developed. The society becomes stagnant. Consumers rarely see variety of items as production is controlled by the state. A perfect example of this is China and its massive theft of our patents.

Why doesn’t China have massive R&D like America? Why do they steal our stuff? Under Communism, Free Thinking rarely exists. No one asks for anything new. There is no reason to create anything new. Necessities are provided. Rather than let its citizens create and invent, China must steal the creations of innovators outside their communist business model because they can not let their citizens “think outside the box.” Everyone must think the same.

Remember the Cold War. A large part of the break up of the USSR had was the introduction of Rock Music and Jeans, Yes those old Levis. Why? Because they were different. Eventually they became the symbol of freedom. Revolutions start because eventually the people rise up and want something different. Basically they want to spread their wings and be different, a refreshing change from the same old same old. 2 phrases lacking in a socialist society are: “Think outside the box.” And “I want to do it myself.” 

Human beings have an inherent desire to be different, to stand out, to be recognized. Socialism/ Communism /Globalism, destroys that desire by forcing everyone to be the same. Any sign of non conformity from the herd calls for an intervention, mental illness, drugs, bullying, and depression. Relationships are discouraged because people talking in groups might disagree with the pre-described outcome. The breakup of the family, the promotion of religious intolerance and hatred of a group or individual, are necessary emotions used to isolate the individual. Isolation leads to depression which leads to self loathing and victim-hood. Victims are not activists. Addiction to something usually follows when people feel they have no purpose. Victims must get “joy” from something. So the state steps in and provides them with a new group controlled by the state aka their “new” family focusing on their addiction. These people are easily manipulated into making the correct choices insuring the “correct” outcome promoted by Socialism/ Communism /Globalism. This is one reason why the poles are so screwed up. Afraid to say anything outside their group comfort zone, Victims say they will vote for the one sanctioned by the group. They are making a choice based on someone else’s values and goals. 

Communication must be controlled by the state so competition usually leading to truth must be stopped. If you deviate, you will be reported to the state. In China citizens have a card loaded with social credits. As long as they say the same thing and agree with the Communist Party, they can travel. Points are deducted for bad behavior. Bad behavior means no traveling. After all you might spread your idea.

Today people are trained to have that special relationship with unknown people on line. To seek affirmation on line overshadows everything else. How many hits, going viral, is what gives them satisfaction. They are seeking affirmation from??? A bot? 

I often wondered why people did not shut the devise off when they do not like the comments they see. Then I realized if you are comfortable with yourself it doesn’t matter what other people think. If you a victim in a herd, affirmation by the herd is key. 

Technology is a tool which should be used to enhance your life, not dictate your life. I just read an article on Drudge that by 2050 people will have intimate relationships with robot sex partners. The robot will be programmed to fulfill every one of your desires sexual or not. Where is the love? How do you learn anything new if there is no introduction by another individual who wants to do something different? Humans learn by experience. If you don’t experience love, compassion, empathy how do you express this to others? AI does not experience the “HUMAN FACTOR”. I will bet that AI algorithms were written by humans void of those emotions as well. Must love be controlled? Of course. Love stimulates many parts of the body and mind. So much so that attention might be paid to something unknown to the state so it would change the outcome.

The outcome must be predetermined otherwise you can’t control the people. Unless…

You control the population. If you have not done so read some of Bill Gates or Ted Turner’s or others population desires. They are determined to get the population under 1 Billion.

So policies like euthanasia, abortion, LGBTQ, relationships with bots, destruction of the family, cost make having children most difficult. Notice how mass killing and genocide are rarely reported?

How do you get millions of people to follow you? LIE. You project your criminal activities onto your opponent and claim they are guilty. You use scientists to create the thesis to support the desired outcome for things like:

    1. The earth is overpopulated
    2. We will run out of food
    3. Run out of water
    4. Run out of resources
    5. Extreme weather
    6. Man made climate issues
    7. CO2 is poison
    8. Sustainability, smart growth
    9. Breakdown family
    10. Breakdown religious/moral beliefs
    11. America
    12. Founders
    13. Founding documents
    14. Immigration
    15. Abortion
    16. Racists

There are too many restrictive nonsense programs to mention. 

How did we get them? By Choice. By not paying better attention, we allowed neglect, indifference, timing, cost, situation, education etc. to rule. We were the silent majority. We were good little solders making a choice from the government selected list. Why? Because it is what we were taught.

Is America Worth Saving?

We have to answer back. We can not let them take over the conversation and control the vocabulary. (I recommend defining the words you will use to avoid confusion.) If we do not, we will only have their choices.

Take the example I just gave you about gender. What could be done when this is mentioned:

How many people do you think being transgender affects?

Less than 1%

Ask if they believe America is a Democracy

Yes, they will answer (America is a republic but not for this demo)

Ask what is a democracy?

Majority rule

Ok then if 99% of the population believes that there are 2 genders, why is the thinking of 1% being forced on the 99%? That is not a democracy. (Personally, I don’t care what people want to do in their private life. Just don’t push your ideology on me. If we did that first we would be called out. Then as more of us make them accountable: how many people? How much does it cost? We will win. If I get that far, I usually get silence. But I made them think. That is the idea.

We have a short window. Right now there are more American patriots than socialists. Keep talking spread the truth. 20% of the population, the independents and crossover voters will decide the election. It is up to us to give them a reason to vote for America!