Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report If the White House want that border wall? They best try to get it done before the New Year confetti is swept up. Eliminate birthright citizenship? Get ready for war with an extraordinarily progressive House. There is one game in town for Trump right now: can the President forge a relationship with the House Democratic majority that mostly ran in complete opposition to his agenda. Stay tuned for a most fascinating two years of American politics… Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

Americans Choose Divided Government (again)

Some call it a game of checks and balances, others call it a game of suicide by politics, or even, pin the tail on the jackass! Whatever it is – Americans seem to love gridlock, they like this divided government thing! President Trump wasn’t on the ballot – yet, as it is with midterm elections, the policies coming from the White House are the driving force in the election. 

The House goes Blue, the Senate goes a deeper Red. As the Wednesday morning quarterbacking starts, the big question is, could the GOP have done anything differently to change the outcome? Colonel Jim Waurishuk and Ava Armstrong provide the analysis and perspective on the election and what just happened!

Winners, Losers, Poker Anyone?

As with every good political race – there was plenty of drama! Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is out, Rep Ron DeSantis, now Florida Governor is in. Polls were wrong, again. Marsha Blackburn defeated former state Governor Phil Bredsen in Tennessee easily, yet the polls had her down six or seven points. It was a great night for Women, and there were many firsts in the 2018 Midterms. Brian Gould, Ilana Freedman and Dennis Santiago will break it all down as we cross the country with the highlights. 

Immigration vs Economy – The Right Decision?

The Democrats made healthcare a big priority in key races; what was the payoff? How much of a gamble was it for the President to focus on caravans and immigration in the closing weeks? Are Americans taking the economy for granted? Would a more focused economic message delivered higher dividends? Was that the key to keeping the House in Republican control? How does this all shape up for the 2020 Elections? Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies, and Harry Dent, Economic Forecaster & New York Times Best Selling Author – in a most revealing talk on immigration versus the economy. 


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