Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they’re really not out to get you. Just because you accept the overwhelming evidence that this 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats, and the media calls you a kooky conspiracy theorist, still doesn’t mean a conspiracy to steal the national election did not occur.  

Who are we to believe? The Democrat Party who put up a geriatric candidate on the edge of dementia, who didn’t campaign, couldn’t draw a crowd larger than a handful of true believers and, when he did venture forth from his basement, couldn’t even get his message correct when delivered to him on a teleprompter? There is a vast integrity gap in the truth here and it’s not being filled by Republican conservatives because it’s being ignored by the media as non-stories or pure “kookism,” and because most are still establishment swamp dwellers. No integrity there.

Another outcome among many other possibilities following this stolen election that will throttle any attempts by any political party to govern is the growing loss of trust in the federal election process. It will be followed by a loss of trust in the federal judicial system, the already imperiled multiple bureaus and agencies of the federal government. How can American society prosper when its citizens would refuse to cooperate with the FBI, or the growing busybody denizens of the rule-making bureaus and agencies whose whole existence is dedicated to regulating every issue that affects Americans ability daily lives and their ability to freely live and prosper? 

Imagine living in a Democrat future where Health officials, uniformed for their protection to appear as a quasi functioning police authority, with extra-legal arrest powers, enters your home or business without a warrant, demanding your acquiescence to their orders that you alter your lifestyle to comply with their Democrat (socialist) masters plan on how you are to live. San Francisco City Council just did that. No uniforms yet but they have prohibited their citizens from smoking within the confines of their own home or apartment except that marijuana is okay. Who is going to enforce that? Not a demoralized defunded police force for sure. The busybodies!

For the Left, the biggest thing they have going for them to fundamentally change America is the imposition of Climate Change fear. Under the China Virus fear, a pandemic fit right into their plan to control Americans.

Some civil authorities are ordering the wearing of masks 24/7, and an end to the Christmas season (for our safety) because they see citizens already resisting edicts by the new communists coming to power. The usurper Joe the criminal Biden has said that on his first day he would order all Americans to wear face masks all the time. Who is going to comply with that? Joe is totally illegitimate and should be ignored. But, Joe’s not the problem, he’s just the figurehead.

Kamala Harris is Americans’ biggest danger. She’s legitimately a Marxist, and not even the Democrat Party wanted her. So, who did? Kamala’s words, actions, and deeds mark her as a person lacking any measure of Integrity.

Integrity is essential! The mainstream media has long shown its “Fellow Traveler” colors and any belief in its integrity, that it will tell the real truth, is vanishing as quickly as the snowflake that falls on a flowing stream. Without integrity, polite, decent society is doomed to endless internal squabbling rising in some cases to the level of bloodshed as we’ve already seen in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Wa, Minneapolis, Wi, and other Blue State cities. 

The long march of socialism to make America a nanny state of the New World Order is bearing fruit. Our last chance to hinder it lies in Georgia’s two senate seats. We must vote, now.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go vote!