Without a doubt, on Tuesday 3rd November 2020, the most important Presidential Election in the history of the Republic since Abraham Lincoln will take place. It is not only a presidential election; it is also without an iota of exaggeration whether or not, the American Republic will continue to exist, or will it be transformed by Harris/ Biden into the United Socialist States of America.

Not even in the 60’s and 70’s, have Americans been so divided, as they have become under the most destructive and retrograde eight years under Obama. His legacy has continued under the defeated Democrat party which has morphed into a Fascist/ Socialist ultra-leftist un-patriotic Globalist party.

It is not only ironic, but also duplicitous and hypocritical that Democrats accuse Trump and his supporters of being Right Wing Nazis when in fact Nazi, is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers Party; a leftist socialist party; not Right Wing.

The simplest and most relevant question that every single American voter asks itself or asked by every pollster from American voters should be:

Are you better off in the last four years?”

because the most important item in the lives of everyday Americans is to have the dignity of working and earning enough income to survive without being on the dole.

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic unleashed upon the world from China, the employment figures were the best in 50 years for Blacks, Hispanics and minorities in general, hence unemployment was the lowest ever. Thus the lines for benefits were cut drastically short.

During a PBS town hall in June 2016, Obama referenced Trump’s promise to bring back jobs to the United States when talking about manufacturing, by negotiating new deals:

“What magic wand do you have?”

The Trump economy produced generational accomplishments, shattering records and stunning economic so called ‘experts’. Obama said it couldn’t be done. He mocked Trump for saying he was going to bring jobs back to America. Trump made Obama and all those Nobel prize economic winners eat their words and their diplomas.

Trump’s Magic Wand was his incredible ability to negotiate without ever blinking – unlike every single one of his predecessors – by his “The Art of the Deal”.

Most Americans were therefore more optimistic about their future than they had been in the previous 12 years or more.

For the first time in almost 50 years, Americans were not engaged in a new war or conflict with boots on the ground because, not only did Trump make the US military extremely powerful, but he also acted upon his Red Lines when they were crossed, instead of backing down to terrorist regimes or terrorists like Obama/ Biden.

Not a single president in the 20th or 21st century, ever experienced the intense degrees of irrational personal hatred and animosity (Trump Derangement Syndrome) directed at any of them relentlessly 24/365, 95% of the time while they had been in office as Trump; yet he brushed them off as if they were annoying insects; which they really are.

Another simple question that every voter should take into account before putting their X:

How is it conceivable that Biden will do better than Trump in the next 4 years, when he had failed utterly in the last 47 years as compared to the stunning achievements of Trump in 47 months?

I can write at least ten more detailed pages about why rational, loyal and fair minded Americans who believe in the Constitution, Law & Order, and the American Republic should vote for Trump for four more years.

A significant percentage of Black, Hispanic and Jewish Americans will Walk Away from the current utterly ill transformed Democrat Plantation because its current agenda is to make America submissive to the UN and Globalists, thus losing both its soul and its destiny.

Every single poll that is predicting a win for Biden is living in KooKoo Land because I am predicting that President Donald J Trump may win 360 (or more) Electoral Votes thus once more shattering all the glass ceilings of all these useless polls.

During the next four years of Trump, the world political map will be changed. Already, the impossible that every so called ‘expert, in foreign affairs had been telling the world for 72 years has been shattered by Trump’s success in bringing⏤so far two and most probably later on at least another 7 to 10 Arab or Muslim nations to make peace with Israel.

He will remove the heads of the FBI, CIA and other spineless characters and replace them with men and women who put Americans First.

He will make Twitter, Facebook and Google extremely vulnerable to retaliation by removing their 230 protection

If Antifa and BLM continue their assault on Americans, DJ Trump will side with all armed Americans who may physically protect their lives, families, homes and businesses if and when the police are ordered to stand down by the Democrats in power.

As an outsider, who has been observing and commenting in print, and over 1730 US talk shows on the political, economic, cultural, social, foreign affairs and religious events for the last twelve years, my perspective and my prediction is… the next four years will complete Trump’s agenda of Making America Great Again and saving the Constitution and the Republic for its future generations.