Parents, teachers, and administrators were warned that our students would be approximately two years behind. No one cared or listened, and another unproven program was forced on our students. Today, with the CCP virus, students will be about three to four years behind the learning curve.

American Exceptionalism will be dead. Mediocre, indoctrinated, woke students afraid of words. The Communists have created their internal army. Mission Accomplished.   

American government schools fail our students. Fifty percent of American graduates cannot read, write and do simple math. Bill Gates admitted its failure. More money is his answer. We all know that the only thing that will affect change is returning the curricula to traditional education, which historically had proven successful.

Government positions are filled by diversity using racial lines, not their ability; therefore, the high standards and pride in work ethic are no longer important. Due to the extreme push for diversity, important positions are filled following a racial quota, not their ability guaranteeing a failure of the program. Scientists and experts are motivated by grants and money “proving” theories that have no scientific or technical basis. Functionally illiterate people (people taught to be illiterate) are below average, so standard employment requirements are also lowered. Employers are finding workers are not qualified. Workers can’t read and follow directions. Too often, ignorant people make costly mistakes that could pose safety hazards or damaged products.

Instead of addressing the real issue, poor quality education, employers are forced to lower standards to meet racial quotas often imposed by the government through grants, subsidies, or directives. Too often, lowered standards pose a danger to the people they serve.

Remember when: 

Eric Holder, the former AG, lowered the standards of the police force. Diversity or Safety? Justice Dept. Orders Lower Standards for Police Exam

Tucker Carlson reported that the Obama administration put diversity over safety in hiring for air traffic controllers. How enthusiastic will you be to travel by air? Tucker Carlson: Obama Administration Put Diversity Over Safety in Hiring Air Traffic Controllers

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to lower the standards for NYC’s elite high schools. Will they still be elite after quotas have changed their academic rating? De Blasio Proposes Changes to New York’s Elite High Schools

These are just a few of the examples.  

Trump turned it around, and excellence with America First was just beginning to take hold. Communists hate excellence because it brings opposition.

Biden immediately nixed the 1776 project to teach American history. Biden will force America to take its place at the bottom of the worldwide heap. Biden is more interested in color and race than exceptionalism. After all, Communists believe educated people require more of their government, so they vow to keep the people stupid. Ignorant people can easily be diverted to activism since they have no skills and must fill a void to feel useful. Schools are the perfect place to create these “useful idiots.” The destruction of America’s youth is evident as Komrad Biden removes Trump’s ban on CCP propaganda in schools. Love your enemy. 

Check out the 45 Goals of Communism read into the Congressional Record in 1963:

#17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

#18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

#19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack. 

What we don’t see is the effect of mediocre schooling. What goes on in the actual office where common sense (no longer taught in school) does not exist? Porn now shown on government computers during work hours is acceptable. Lying is acceptable. Emailing during work is acceptable. All of this amounts to billions of dollars lost due to incompetence, theft, and corruption. Remember the Gulf Oil spill? Government Inspectors from MMS were busy watching porn rather than inspecting.

According to the CDC, the American suicide rate is up and higher due to the CCP Virus. Instead of asking why, they prescribe more meds to depressed people—often causing more depression, while root causes are ignored.

Depression has multiple causes. Some are: 

      • an individual forced into a controlled environment 
      • not being able to express themselves as individuals 
      • anti-depressants 
      • ignoring natural psychological and physical needs 
      • not belonging
      • loneliness (devices replacing friends) 
      • lack of responsibility 
      • lack of morality 
      • life without meaning or purpose 
      • lack of common sense 
      • inability to logically conclude problem-solving
      • inability to reason (thus drawing wrong solutions)
      • frustration having no future or destiny

All of these are key triggers, often leading to anxiety and depression.  

Depression can lead to violence and or suicide. Sadly key skills have been eliminated from schools giving students nothing meaningful to look forward to. Schools now teach our children to hate their country, family, and God, forcing students through communist propaganda of what to think, not how to think.

We have been reporting on America’s government schools’ failure who now follows UNESCO’s worldwide Common Core. You read that right: Common Core is a UNESCO program and is supported by Microsoft.

Common Core forces a child to think in a box with little hope for a future, not in line with the predetermined government goal. Common Core is based on the premise that people are stupid and the “smart academics know best.”

If a child makes a different response, not their desired response, often a child will be bullied by other students or teachers. A child might act out just to make their ideas known. Then too often, students feeling worthless turn to drugs, massive piercing, tattooing, drinking, cutting, murder, terrorism, or suicide. Hopelessness is the dominant emotion. Common Core manipulates emotion and eliminates individualism, forcing a child into groupthink, not innovation and creation. Emotion becomes dominant with no logical reason to balance. A person can only think of one thought at a time. By forcing overuse of proper brain function (emotion), the left brain (logic and reason) becomes dormant from lack of use. Today, aside from being functionally illiterate, too many people are motivated by trigger words that unleash unbridled emotion too often, resulting in violence or suicide.

Continuing to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results, is insane, as we have heard over and over. Common Core, Whole Word Reading, Eureka Math, and Evolution all help diminish America’s future capacity. Yet, we ignore the facts and continue to push these horrid programs filled with errors, omissions, and bias. Have we learned nothing from years of failing grades? Not to worry, more money will “fix” the problem. “It’s the curricula stupid.”

Why are we forcing America’s children to follow a failed program? Education-based on collectivism, not individualism, the training not education and values, not facts, according to the brilliant educator Shirley McCune, in a speech to the Governors Association under GHW Bush, is necessary to change and alter the culture and society. This is not education. It is indoctrination. She promotes outcome-based education. A computer will now choose our children’s destiny. How many more generations of Americans will we lose to this indoctrination called education? So far, we have lost four generations. You can listen to Shirley here.

According to Biden, all K-12 and colleges are now forced to select students based on Diversity. This does not produce the best and brightest. By ignoring the SCIENTIFIC METHOD of reasoning out problems, the danger in science is escalating as students study irrelevant subjects like diversity, race, and minority effects on various issues, NOT SCIENCE. 

If STEM students are selected by diversity, not their ability, who will invent the next widget or cure?

Heather Mac Donald with Tucker Carlson on Identity Politics in STEM

I have a challenge. Since Common Core was thrown at us without proper vetting (no test run) and violates many educational codes and statutes, why not have at least one school in each district teach traditional education? Several states are finally beginning to recognize the harm that training, not educating have brought. Florida and Texas are taking the lead. 

Is this problem being address by Wall Street?

How many more agencies and businesses will fail to put the public at risk if nothing is done? Do we now get to choose our doctor, mechanic, air traffic controller, police based on skin color, or ability to do the job? The choice is ours.

What’s in your school? Will you join groups like Will you check your school? Your child’s work? Challenge tests for bias? Errors? Omissions? Join us. America’s future is in our hands.

Is America worth saving? If not you, who? If not now, when?