After the end of WWII, millions of people wondered how it was possible for Hitler and the Nazis to turn the otherwise civilized Germans into monsters within six years (1933 – 1939).

The reasons are not difficult to explain because the Versailles Treaty after WWI was so onerous and vengeful, it forced Germany and Germans into financial ruin followed by social violent upheavals.

Hitler and his Nazis promised the German people a way out to a glorious and victorious future “Uber Alles” / “Over all Others” which was music to their ears. He did not tell them that this victory could only be achieved through Total War.

The German people thought Hitler was their Messiah and gave him their total submission, support and their children who became fodder in the forthcoming WWII.

A few million Germans were against the Nazi creed who figured out that they were being led into another war. A few of them made their opposition public and were liquidated or silenced by the Nazis as an example for any would be other objectors thus millions of others were rendered irrelevant as opponents of the regime.

The Nazis used their enormous propaganda resources through education and the complicit media to terrorise into submission all Germans.

What has been happening recently in Europe and the USA is the beginning of a repeat performance whereby the Politicians, Academics and the Media are silencing any and all opposition to the Political Correctness of the Globalist elites through vilification, de humanization, denigration and obscene degrees of mendacities against anyone disagreeing with their Socialist, Liberal agenda.

They are literally using the Brown Shirts methodology against Conservatives, Whites and Christians not only in the Media but even more insidiously in the schools and universities; the very institutions that should uphold the rules of Free Speech.

Once again these thuggish practices are succeeding because most Europeans and Americans are not willing to stand up and be counted lest they are hounded or lose their jobs.

These are exactly the same reasons why the Nazis were able with complete immunity to follow their suppression of freedoms by EXTERMINATING all those they deemed enemies of the State.

Tens of millions in Russia and China were against the Communist regime but became irrelevant when they were too terrorized to stand up and be counted.

Tens of millions of Americans and Europeans are shocked, disturbed and worried regarding their political leaders’ total disregard for their safety and even their national identities by allowing millions of undocumented illegals to cross their sovereign borders un impeded.

Tragically, although the current politicians do not yet have the total powers that the Nazis and Communists wielded, they are getting there because most Americans and Europeans who know they are being led to self-destruction as Sovereign States, are not willing to go out and demonstrate in their millions and show their anger and concerns.

History is replete with occasions when “We the People” removed their criminally negligent and or corrupt leaders as happened with the American, French and Russian revolutions.

If patriotic Americans and Europeans do not do the same, both Europe and the USA will end up in the dust bin of history as failed experiments as Republican and or Democratic institutions.

The writing is on the wall for all to read. Ignoring it will fulfil the conclusions of this article.