It’s safe to say, that the media, both social and mainstream, have gone full schizophrenia! The biggest story out there is the media themselves who portend that covid is going to kill us all and Trump is the bogeyman. What an injustice to the American people. The question is how many Americans are under their spell – and not thinking for themselves? We’ll know soon enough. The fact that we are all waiting for the next lie, smear, or hoax to be unleashed as if it were a legitimate part of the process speaks volumes about the media manipulation of the truth. Case-in-point are these headlines:

  • Trump returns to White House, downplaying virus that hospitalized him and turned West Wing into a ghost town – WP
  • Covid-19 Making a Dangerous Comeback in Most Parts of U.S. – Bloomberg
  • ‘Don’t be afraid’ of COVID, Trump says as he returns to White House that is stalked by illness – Reuters
  • Trump COVID-19 updates: President arrives at White House, removes mask and salutes – ABC News
  • As Trump’s condition makes headlines, America’s pandemic is getting worse – CNN
  • Donald Trump Leaves Hospital, Returns To White House And Stages A Photo Op – Deadline
  • Trump hospital photos and videos looked like propaganda, critics say – ABC News
  • Trump Says He is Pro-Life – But Has Killed 200,000 of Us – Lincoln Project

Our American Exceptionalism is at risk. Malcolm explains that we are fast becoming ‘America with an asterisk.”

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