The Socialist Democratic Party have a new slogan: America Was Never Great!

The democrats believe that America was founded on imperialism, genocide and slavery, that people from Europe came here and stole the land. If the Democrats are good at anything, it’s telling lies upon lies in order to alter the minds of the impressionable lambs who follow them. The reality of this ridiculous statement is that America was irrefutably founded on a revolt against imperialism, read your history books! Genocide? You mean the genocide of native American tribes, all of who were committing genocide against each other long before white people ever arrived here.

In November 1620, colonists from England landed in Plymouth Massachusetts. They came here to practice religious freedom, explore, make money, spread and practice their religion freely.

Exploration is what humans do. We explore land, the oceans, and even space. Unfortunately, what comes along with exploration, are consequences of many kinds. In our quest to explore this new continent, there were many tribes of native Indians, many who did not want to share this land. Some, viciously attacked and killed many colonists. This was not a civilized world, and like it or not, civilization was going to proceed in this new America.

Genocide is the intentional slaughter of people. It was never the pioneers intent to simply slaughter native Indians for the sake of killing. Genocide is what Hitler did to the Jews. Anyone with a thimble of common sense would understand the distinct difference. Sadly, as we witness every day and when it comes to today’s Dems, common sense is not so common.

Slavery? America abolished slavery in 1865. As of 2016 there were still 46 million people enslaved around the globe. Eighteen million in India, 660,000 in sub-Saharan Africa, the Islamic slave trade was much more brutal and lasted much longer than slavery in the U.S.

The Islamic slave trade was responsible for the deaths of 112 million black people. We don’t hear these bleeding-heart liberals caring about this though, do we?

One of the favorite political cards the dems like to play, is the racism card. Let’s look at some real statistics and then tell me America is racist. Do you think it was just African Americans who voted Obama into office? In 2008, 43 percent of white Americans voted for Obama. In 2012, that dropped to 39 percent. Either way, if America was a racist country, there would never have been a President Obama. We’ve had a black U.S. Attorney General, a black Supreme Court Justice, black sports icons who make more money than an average American will ever make, regardless of race. Black America has made enormous strides in this country.

And what about women in America versus the rest of the world? The United States ratified the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1920 to allow women to vote. That didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia until 2015, and even then, it was a token gesture. In Afghanistan, they burn down girls schools to prevent them from getting an education.

In America, women get the highest standard of legal protection, women get more college degrees than men, and women come out on top on everything from alimony to child custody. According to Forbes Magazine, the Trump administration has put hundreds of women in lead roles, while 45 more await Senate Confirmation.

One thing that makes America great, is the fact that some liberal blankety-blank, has the freedom to say “America was never great.” Try demonizing your country in North Korea or China and see what happens to you.

Here are some of the facts to which the Dems always ignore.

America ended slavery, gave women the right to vote, enshrined free speech in the First Amendment, allowed it’s citizens the right to self-defense, generated untold wealth through free market capitalism, went to the moon, and countless more accomplishments that make the world a better place. We created the internet, cell phones and nearly eradicated the AIDs virus across the globe. We saved an entire continent from a socialist dictator who killed millions of people, and then helped to rebuild Europe, along with Japan. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of our great accomplishments.

If America is so bad, why does everyone want to come here?

The history of the world, is the history of struggle, conquest and warfare. No country was ever perfect, but America has led the world in the march toward prosperity, equality, and freedom.

Every single American should feel proud of this country’s accomplishments. If you’re one of those blankety-blanks I was referring to earlier, look around you, count your blessings and be proud to be an American.

Spare us the phony, grievance fueled, historically inaccurate, righteous BS.

Which says much more about you, than it does about America.

Long live American Exceptionalism.

Image: Reuters