Justice Kennedy Retires: President Trump will make his second appointment to the court on July 9th. Critics say their biggest FEAR is abortion and gay rights in that they could be overturned. The battle lines have now been drawn. Russia Summit: Trump – Putin Summit set for July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. What will be the agenda for the Russian meeting? Five Dead in Annapolis Newsroom Shooting. The motivation this time is a disgruntled employee, how can we stop something like this shooting? DrRon Martinelli and Dennis Santiago will lead the discussion on our top stories.

Supreme Court delivers two landmark decisions with the travel ban being upheld and public unions taking a hit. Court upheld travel ban based on Presidential powers as defined by the Constitution, will this lead to further actions by President Trump, i.e. border control / immigration? Union dues can no longer be forcibly collected by individuals opting out of joining a public employee union. How will this affect unions? Congressional hearings as Wray and Rosenstein on the hot seat, and cries to abolish ICE. Will Congress act or just bury their heads in the “Election Year sand?” Ilana Freedman and Brian Gould provide analysis on these stories.

America the Beautiful Gets Ugly – As we celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the United States of America’s Declaration of our Independence, many of our fellow Americans have forgotten much of what makes our country, truly unique. Individualism — including the role of religion, speech, protest — at this moment, our nation stand at a crossroads. Today on VIEWPOINT we take a deep look into a cross-section of political beliefs and attitudes of passionate Americans. Our panel on this special segment: Ava Armstrong  leans libertarian; Brian Gould fiscally conservative, socially liberal; Linda Martinelli calls herself a commonsense conservative; and Gayl Murphy is a moderate progressive.


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