Two Must Read News Stories by Dennis Santiago

Dangerous Skies

Syria is at a critical crossroad. As the black-flagged nemesis of the Islamic State (ISIS) fades from the scene, the fragile alliance among enemies turned allies of the moment is crumbling. A dangerous vacuum is…

George McClellan retraces history! The Astorian’s came through Riverton, Wy, going west in 1811. My book, Perilous Paths, is a historical biography of Robert McClellan (1770 – 1815) who became a member of the Astor Fur Company’s attempt to find a route to the mouth of the Columbia River after Lewis & Clark. It’s all part of our American history. Here is a link to George’s book on our Amazon Bookstore!

The Voice of a Nation is Now Available on Podcast!

China; Competitor or Threat?

Political and economic experts estimate that within a period of fifteen years, China’s economy will surpass America’s and become the largest in the world. Meanwhile,…

DrRon & Linda, Talking While Married meet up w/Texas Governor Greg Abbott

IQ al-Rassooli, Iraqi Exile, Arabic Speaker, Scholar & Author

Islam and Sri Lanka Slaughter

The greatest tragedy in the 21st century is the fact that almost all the Western leaders, with the exception of President Trump, have absolutely no…

Globalists Failing vs Patriots

While Americans are being misled and or deliberately misinformed by their leftist “Enemies of the People” Fake News Media; across the Atlantic and Pacific, Richter…

American Muslims tell the TRUTH

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