Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, and Venezuela must be very happy right now. There is an existential war being waged on the high seas. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and that is where the battle is raging as we speak. The United States’ great maritime military forces are waging this war quietly while the American people are distracted by the impeachment trial.

The enemy our great Navy and Coast Guard face intends to dominate the world and reshape the world’s rules to its will. Meanwhile, the average American goes about his or her daily business. 

Lucky for us, we have the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard standing in between these bloodthirsty warmongers and the bright cities of our Great Republic. 

America Leads

The American system is one which sets the parameters for the rest of the world. Since we have a White House, the Republic of Korea, naturally, has a Blue House. Decades ago, when the President of the United States began speaking from behind a podium with a presidential seal on it, other world leaders started doing the same.

And in 2017, when President Donald J. Trump turned to Twitter for effective, immediate, mass communication, other world leaders and countless state and local leaders and politicians followed suit.

Now, if you’re not on Twitter and you’re a politician, you’re not taken seriously. Put plainly: the United States of America sets the standard for the world. America leads. 

The World’s Greatest Navy and Coast Guard are on the Front Lines

With that being said, this role comes with an immense degree of responsibility. Just because many countries follow our lead does not mean that we should bear the brunt of the cost in the global fight to eradicate terrorism and counter the New Axis powers’ territorial aggression. In 2014, Russia seized a huge chunk of land in Ukraine.

Aggressive communist China continues to claim islands in the South China Sea as we speak. As if that weren’t bad enough, Red China is building artificial islands in international waters and claiming that territory as their own. If ever legally added to their territory, each island comes with a radius of 200 miles! International waters would instantly become sovereign territory of the world’s most populous communist state. The New Axis powers are defying international law; the Allies must stand strong in support of it.

The world’s greatest navy should continue to sail through international waters near China as a deterrent to further territorial expansion. And our great Coast Guard should continue to defend vociferously our American territory in the Pacific. But we should not do this alone. And we should not let our allies step back from this fight. 

America Needs More Ice Breakers

In the Far North, in the Arctic Circle, the ice is melting. Russia and China are seeking to dominate the waters surrounding Alaska and Canada. We cannot let this happen. The United States is severely lacking in the development and deployment if naval vessels with ice breaker capability. Russia and China have over a dozen, and are building more.

In 2017, China became the world’s largest navy by size. They are not the most technologically advance, nor do they possess our firepower superiority. However, they are not far behind. America must push our allies and develop additional ice breaker ships for our great navy and coast guard. 

We Never Fight Alone

As the New Axis powers continue to strengthen, we must continue to strengthen the world’s greatest military and her allies. This is not about politics; this is about the survival of the American way of life. The alternative is that we all start learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese and/or Cyrillic Russian.

America must continue to lead our allies in the fight for freedom around the world. Anything else ends in our demise.