I doubt that very many people will disagree with the statement that what is happening in Washington DC today goes beyond political parties. All sides of the political aisle know full well that the deep state includes members across the political spectrum who are all commonly invested in an unspoken alliance called “The Establishment”.

Its members include Republicans and Democrats. Its operatives include the leadership and key employees throughout the federal government apparatus. They share a common culture of a world enclosed within the Washington Beltway that surrounds the District of Columbia. They are the residents that live within the castle keep at the center of power of the United States of America. They all know each other. Their children go to school together. They socialize with each other. And they have made lives and careers within the confines of the Capitol and its suburbs.

The establishment shares not just a common culture, but a common way of life. They may shift back and forth among official agencies, consultancies, foundations, and charities; but they all speak the common language of the federal government with its formal and ministerial ways. 

It is a way of life far removed from the rest of America. It is in many ways insular and unrepresentative of the values and concerns of ordinary Americans who lived beyond the confines of the Beltway. 

The establishment has been there in this form since roughly the end of World War Two. They have become comfortable. They have come to believe that they are able to interpret and control what is best for all Americans in the far flung reaches of the country. But they are wrong. 

What if I told you the 2020 election doesn’t look anything like the mainstream media or the Internet is telling you it does?

What if I change the definition of who are allies and who are enemies⏤as America prepares to decide what it will do for the remainder of the decade, and the century?

This is an opinion editorial. These are my thoughts. Agree or Disagree⏤what I am asking you to do is think about whether we Americans really understand what forces of power are in play.

American Revolutionary Politics

The exceptional phenomenon of ‘American Revolutionary Politics’ is that outsiders will come to Washington DC and force change against the will of the establishment. When they do, the establishment will resist that change with all its might because bureaucracies are built on the assumption that saving the status quo is the most important mission of their existence. Stability means predictability. Predictability means knowing who has power and where the money will be spent. It means livelihoods for the people of the castle keep. 

But changing America and making it great again means altering these long-held values of establishment Washington. It means doing things like moving federal agencies like the Department of the Interior out of the Beltway into the hinterlands of Grand Junction, Colorado. It means telling the State Department, Department of Defense, in the community of three letter intelligence agencies that they have new marching orders. It means ending wars that have been funding legions of contractors for generations. It means overhauling and reallocating law enforcement and homeland security resources. It means changing the rules of transparency and cost that govern America’s health care system. It means forcing elected officials to construct new ways of doing business for America. And it means those officials having to abandon the special interest groups that have held back change.

None of these are easy things for a cozy establishment culture to do.

But it is what Americans who live outside The Washington Beltway want America to do.

The Outsider War

The way America changes Washington is by imposing outsiders into positions of power within the Beltway matrix that will force change to happen. We are seeing that happening now with the 2016 election of U.S. President Donald J. Trump. An outsider among outsiders, Trump has triggered the emotional defensive reactions of the entire Washington establishment. We have witnessed in his first administration ‘The Beltway’ fighting as hard as it can to tar and feather the man and run him out of town on a rail the same way that America got rid of unsavory characters at the beginning of this nation. 

The “Resistance” Movement between 2016 and 2020 has been intensive and unrelenting, a true testament to just how much The Washington establishment does not want to change. 

The mountain of that resistance is on Capitol Hill in the United States Congress and Senate. We saw during the 2018 midterm election the voluntary exit of RINO Republicans that the Establishment thought would usher in control of Congress.

But this plan was upset by the unplanned arrival of a new crop of outsiders exemplified by the Progressive Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who came to Capitol Hill to challenge, not support, the Washington establishment.

It made total sense that the outsider movement that began with Donald Trump would find other outlets into the infrastructure of the Washington Beltway. This should come as no surprise to anyone watching the political evolution of the United States. 

The war between the outsiders and the establishment moved to its next phase between 2018 and 2020. Even as the establishment attempted to impeach President Trump, it found itself in a battle on a new front for the control of Congress. 

The battle for impeachment ultimately failed. For all the effort put out in the House of Representatives, the Senate, which had not been completely taken over by the enemies of the president, proved to be a governing body where the resistance had not yet taken control.

All of this sets the stage for an important election that will take place in November 2020.

The Central Questions of the 2020 General Election

In case you have not figured it out yet, the 2020 election boils down to two simple questions:

Should we continue the process of bringing outsiders into Washington DC to change the infrastructure of government and wrestle it away from the Beltway Establishment?

Or should we return control of the country to the Washington DC elites?

If you decide to vote for Donald Trump⏤you are making the decision that you believe the outsider agenda should continue to grow and influence the Capitol. It means you want the changes in government and the shifts in policy that have been experimented with by the United States during the first term of President Trump to continue to shape and change the apparatus of government inside the Beltway. It means you want a national agenda for the United States that places America first. It means you believe in the concept of nationalism and the sovereignty of nation states to be the model of international community and commerce that is best for planet earth. 

If you decide to vote for Joe Biden⏤you are making the decision that you want to return control of the United States of America to the D.C. establishment. It means you want The US government and its policies to return to the old ways that were in place before the arrival of Trump the Outsider. It means you want the bureaucracies and the people that run them to return to power. It means you as a citizen are willing to let these elites run the country for you. It means you as an American are willing to let globalism be the model of international community that dominates this planet. It means you do not believe that the interests of America, or any other nation state, is sovereign in the face of the will of an international community whose governance is greater than ours. 

In November 2020, if you are a citizen of the United States of America of voting age, the vote you cast on who gets to be in the White House will decide whether or not you still want to be American.

The Epic Battle of the Down Ballot

Regardless of how you vote for the presidency, you will also be voting on how you want to influence the other battle between the outsiders and the establishment that rages in Washington DC.

I am not so much of a mind to look at the down ballot races for Congress is a battle between Republicans and Democrats anymore. 

I really believe that the November 2020 election⏤particularly for the House of Representatives is a battle of the outsiders against the insiders of Capitol Hill.

What I see is that America will be voting whether we wish to send supporters of the Establishment or rebels who will challenge the Establishment!

I believe there are two sets of rebels that America needs to consider sending to DC. 

Everyone is aware at this point that battle for the control of the Democrat Party and its contingent in Congress has been one between Progressives and traditionalists on that side of the aisle. The new outsiders upset the establishment elites. They overturn the dictatorial controls of the traditional Democrat Party because these progressives simply do not care to listen to their betters. They are like “mini me” Donald Trump’s dressed in blue and white. They drive the DNC and congressional leadership crazy. 

There is a strong case to be made that if you believe the outsiders should continue to ascend to power in Washington, and you are a Democrat, that your down ballot election choices for the November election will be about whether or not you want to continue to feed the fire of discontent that the outsiders on the left side of the aisle are bringing to Washington DC. You are going to get to make that choice. Choose wisely. 

What not everyone is aware of is that on the right side of the aisle, bringing balance to the arrival of more democratic outsiders also requires sending Republican outsiders to Congress. The best way to put it is that we need to replace the Rinos that abandoned Congress in 2018 with new blood that will invigorate the Republican Party in Congress with more independent minded freshmen who will challenge the Washington elites on the right side of the aisle. If you are a Republican, you will get to make a choice about whether or not you want to see a revolution within the Republican ranks of Congress that will similarly shift the balance of power within the GOP the same way the balance of power is being forced to change for the Democrats. Again, you are going to get to make that choice. Choose wisely also. 

The Supreme Court Aids the War

In 2020, the worry many Americans have is that, because of COVID-19, massive voter fraud will overwhelm the election. This is particularly worrisome in America’s biggest cities where activism has become emboldened and belligerent. Amazingly, the block of voters fearing suppression most this November are the conservative middle class living in the most Democrat led cities. It is certainly something to watch closely and continue to ensure does not happen. Expect this aspect of the fight to continue to heat up.

The counterweight to urban voter suppression is that the prediction remains that Trump is ahead in the electoral college process. In this regard, the movement to undermine the electoral college suffered a major setback on July 6, 2020 with the US Supreme Court ruling that individual electors are BOUND TO VOTE the will of the people they are representing. The notion of an elector voting rogue and swinging the presidential election in a manner not reflective of their state has been ruled illegal. This restoration of clarity about how the electoral college system works is a good thing to prevent chaos in November and the Supreme Court is wise to have made the ruling now. Sadly, I think it only redoubles the need for diligence to make sure other forms of outcome manipulation are guarded against.

We do live in interesting times.

Depending on how these choices are made by Americans far away from the castle keep of the Washington Beltway in state and district elections throughout the hinterlands of America, Washington DC will either wake up to the realization that the mandate of the outsiders is something that will change them; or they will wake up feeling relief that they have regained control of the United States. 

I hope that explaining the election using this alternative paradigm helps clarify the gravity of the choice we have in front of us. We the people will have to own whatever choice we make.