Years ago back in my youth⏤during the Vietnam era, the streets of America were roiling with protesters. College campuses had become denizens of leftist anti-war agitators instead of institutions of higher learning. The halls of academia then as now⏤were full of leftists and communist professors who encouraged and egged on the student unrest, and many even participated themselves in the demonstrations.

Back then the so-called “silent majority” suggested much the same as President Trump is suggesting now, “America, love it or leave it” was a common refrain among hard working middle class Americans during the Vietnam era. Many of them had sons serving in harm’s way in the military at the time, so the constant attacks on the military at home caused them distress.

The merits of the anti-Vietnam War protests have been and will continue to be debated for many years to come. But the patience of the American people at that time had begun to run out. The demonstrations spilling out into the streets, the anti-American and anti-military displays occurring every evening on the nightly news were a turnoff to Americans, many of whom had served their country honorably in World War II and Korea.

Today, lost in all the hubbub over President Trump’s suggestion to ‘the Squad’ (those freshman members of Congress from the Socialist Democrat Party who have banded together in their own little progressive caucus), that if they hated America so much “then they should just leave” is the fact that the President is absolutely correct.

Why would anyone choose to remain in a place that they hate so much? ‘The Squad’ has expressed nothing but contempt for our country from the time they became part of the Socialist Democrat Congress. Contempt for the United States, a country that at least one of their number happily emigrated to from Somalia, a real “shit-hole country” in Africa.

The Squad’s hatred isn’t simply for President Donald Trump, though that is certainly intense. Their hatred is also for America and everything that America stands for.

In the case of Ocasio-Cortez there is no doubt that she is a fully committed communist. One indoctrinated by a corrupt leftist American education system. She is determined to change America from a capitalist free market system to one of central government control of every aspect of our lives. In other words communism. A system that has failed its people miserably and been discarded by every nation that it’s been tried in.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib hates America because of our support for Israel. As someone of Palestinian Arab descent she hates Israel as much as she hates America. President Trump’s strong support for Israel makes him a natural target of her vitriol.

Then there’s Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the Somali immigrant whose ethics have come under close scrutiny – as should be done, and who is a die-hard Muslim Brotherhood supporter. Interestingly as a woman back in Somalia she would be denied the right to represent her country in any governing body, and in fact would be considered little more than the property of her husband.

The fourth member of ‘the Squad’ is Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley who simply is herself a black racist who sees white racism everywhere she looks. Her hatred of President Trump appears to be based on as much the fact that he happens to be Caucasian, than it is on any policy position he may have taken, or any specific comments he may have made.

Disagreeing with and criticizing our government is as American as apple pie, and it’s the right of every American citizen. We supposedly send people to represent us in Washington to do just that. I certainly was critical of the previous administration.

But only criticizing and never acknowledging all of the great things America has accomplished over the years, and flat out lying about what is currently going on along our southwest border is dishonest and just plain wrong. And the lies being spewed out by the ‘Squad’ on this needs to be called out.

This ‘Squad’ is nothing more than a collaboration between hard core America-haters. People who hate ‘middle America’ because our beliefs are different from theirs. We support and revere the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that our nation gives to us. And they simply can’t stand that.

So if the Squad hates us all so much because we’re such a horrible country maybe they should just pack their stuff and go someplace where they would be more happy. Say Venezuela perhaps? They wouldn’t be missed by most Americans. Image from NBC video.