The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution

– Thomas Jefferson, Third President of the United States

Fellow Americans:

The American Experiment

While listening to the discussion by our Representatives about the border, I am confused!

Why don’t these people see what I see, what you see! A constant flow of unskilled people puts a huge burden on every day Americans. Then I realized they don’t care. They have 3 goals: MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. They want it all. They want America gone and have put the policies in place to make that happen. The rest is just a means to their end. They will follow any policy, say any lie to achieve their goal to cut America to size and transform evil America into a third world country. You should know:

  • Everything is connected
  • Nothing is random
  • There are no coincidences
  • Everything has a plan
  • All plans are based on lies

I realize these Legislators (and I use that term loosely), have NO IDEA about what is IN the Constitution. If they did, they would know that the States are empowered to handle Immigration issues, NOT THE FEDS. Originally immigrants came with sponsors, jobs and were dedicated to learning English and the American way of life. New immigrants were participants and became assets not takers who become liabilities. The purpose of this mass migration is to overwhelm American entitlements and turn America into a debtor nation.

Not too long ago, immigration ran very smoothly in America…until the Democrats felt they could increase their VOTER BASE, by exploiting American’s goodness of allowing immigrants to come to America and participate in our political process while getting Entitlements.

Hence, we are now broke. Too much outgo in entitlements, not enough income tax revenue coming in.

Americans were duped. Reagan was DUPED! He like Trump, had a Congress working against him and he was coerced into passing “Comprehensive Immigration” without closing the Borders, and from then on… America has been in a Downward Spiral.

Simultaneously, Tip O’Neill, then Liberal Speaker of the House, facilitated getting the Constitution and Civics – REMOVED FROM SCHOOL STUDY PROGRAMS.

How can America become the great melting pot when assimilation had road blocks and Constitution and Civics are not learned? When someone says America is made of immigrants, they make America great. We must add that is because we assimilated people into our culture. We did not promote their flag first, we demanded America first. We never denied adding new cultures but the idea was to adopt America and then participate in the freedoms and opportunities America offers.

When I went to school in the 50-60’s, in grades 3-5 we studied the Constitution and Civics. Every student could recite key passages of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, knew all the Presidents and could discuss and debate in the world of politics. Now, students have no idea who is the Vice President let alone know their rights.

Today most people do not know we celebrate the 4th of July, and think our founders were evil white privileged men who had slaves. When I taught history, we learned all about the 1700’s and how hard living was at that time. Can’t you see the snowflakes hailing a horse and buggy in the snow, going to the outhouse, carrying water or firewood to the house? Where is my UBER they would scream? They do not understand that slavery was around for centuries. Whenever a country was conquered the losers became slaves.

They do not know or care that Americans were the only country that fought a war to make slavery illegal. Or that America got only 9% of the worldwide slaves, or that the first slave owner was black and his slave was white. They do not know that the leaders of the pro-slavery movement were the DEMOCRATS and the KKK was the militant arm of the DEMOCRATS. They do not know that the Muslims conquered whole African tribes and sold them into slavery. The Muslims were the slave traders of record.

Today, school subjects are replaced with social feel-good programs, producing generations of leaders who know absolutely nothing about how this government works! Sadly, by their actions – most do not even care. The game of politics has become nothing more than a club designed to screw those not favored or involved. Once you disagree, they have a list of names to call you for you are truly evil.

What better thing to do than teach the students that the Constitution is a living, breathing document subject to change at the whim of a politician or justice? Think about that for a minute. America is a Nation of Laws that ALL Americans must follow. According to our Constitution, Americans are ALL EQUAL under the law. This is opposite of the Democrat/Globalist agenda and narrative. They can’t teach the wonders of a document that demands all are equal, it doesn’t fit their narrative. You can’t scream for equal justice if all are equal under the law.

Democrat/Globalists rarely have anything to say if an individual is harmed unless that individual has standing in a group. People then are forced into a group to be noticed. People have no choices except that which the government provides. The government provides the choices by multiple choice questions. Then you get to choose one of their choices. This is part of a technique called the Delphi Technique, developed by the Rand Corporation, a technique used to manipulate the public. Bet you thought they were the good guys. If you step out of line you get bullied.

Reinforcement of their agenda is school, media and Hollywood. I am always asked why doesn’t the media tell the truth. There is no truth except what the Democrat/Globalists want it to be that day. This is coming straight from the head of the media company. Talking points are delivered daily and there is to be NO DEVIATION.  You can learn about man’s destruction of the earth, evil fuel, the evil white supremacist who also carries a gun, Glorified drug lords, the victim abused illegal aliens and etc are interwoven into almost every TV program plot. People can be judged by today’s standards for yesterdays deeds because there is no history before 2008. Did you know that recommended reading list under Communist Core has little or no titles dated before 2010?

Democrat/Globalists preach and teach case law so the law can be different, for different groups under their claim for diversity. The US Constitution is our rule book, our contract with our government. Teaching that the constitution and laws are different for different groups and individuals would be like playing football with each player having a different play book. How can you win if you don’t know the rules?

The Constitution works the same. How can you protect Liberty and Freedom – if you have no idea where YOUR RIGHTS come from? Or if you think that your skin color or ethnic group dictates the laws applied to you?

The American Experiment was to guarantee each individual the ability to Self-Govern. But, this only works if each individual could read, write, do math – and understand their rights are granted by God – and the laws they must follow apply the same to everyone.

When you change any part of that basic plan, you are DOOMED TO FAIL!

The Democrats/Globalists learned if they fill America with newbees who understand nothing and they teach them nothing, newbees will rely on the Democrat/Globalists for answers. Once the Democrats/Globalists control the schools newbees get enough propaganda and lies insuring newbees will vote Democrats/Globalists into office, because the Democrats/Globalists tell them what to do. ‘I learned it in school, or my teacher told me to…” Teaching what to think, not how to think is now the purpose of a good education.”

The Constitution is CLEAR!

The President has LIMITED POWERS ON PURPOSE, to ensure he cannot become:

Dictator, Emperor, King, or Tyrant!

His only real job is to protect Americans against Invaders and follow the Constitution…If POTUS fails, POTUS is adding to the destruction of America. When POTUS does NEITHER on purpose, is this not… TREASON?

Originally, when an immigrant wanted to come to the US, they had a job offer and a SPONSOR. Then they solicited the state where they wanted to live. They agreed to pay the fees to the state, for their AMERICAN education and to learn ENGLISH, the language of America and business. Immigrants were NEVER MEANT to replace Americans, get preference in jobs ahead of Americans, nor were they ever to steal our resources, our country and our lives! Democrats/Globalists changed that.

Remember when Obama Bribed US Companies to Break the Law Offers $3,000 to Hire Illegals instead of Americans?

Where was Congress? Whose money did Obama use? Our taxpayer dollars were use for our own demise. Obama put America over $7 trillion in debt.

It’s all about the money. There is a lot of money pushing illegal immigrants and refugees Who benefits? Mostly NGO’s and non-profits are the recipient of massive funding. They get a huge stipend per head to – take care of the immigrants and refugees. Taking care of means making sure each immigrant gets all of their state and federal entitlements. Once set, the NGO’s and Non-Profits step aside but still keep their stipend while the taxpayer continues to pay and pay.

Immigrants, legal and illegal are NOT entitled to anything!

So I ask my Legislators, if you really want to stop Illegal Immigration – and control the Debt, why not stop unconstitutional entitlements to illegals, and just follow the Constitution? Sadly that is not their goal.  Their goal is to turn America into a debtor nation. Notice how the Democrat/Globalists never talk about the good Trump economy with less unemployment in all minority sectors. They can’t because their narrative preaches all sectors are victims and unemployed.

Make no mistake the illegals are organized, have plenty of funding by Democrat /Globalists to continue to overwhelm America. Trump said America is closed we have no more to give. We have no more to give. Will that stop anything? I doubt it. Obama put EO’s in place to guarantee a continued flow. American taxpayer dollars were used to market how to get to America and apply for entitlements. The UN uses American donations to screw America. Why are we still paying for this communist organization?

Obama changed a procedure that asylum seekers must ask for asylum in their home country at the American Embassy, to applications are now handled in America. Trump is trying to undo past policies but will be tied in court even though district courts have no right to make policy covering the nation.

The other day, I was talking to a man on line in a store. He told me that his grandkids just graduated middle and HS. He can no longer talk to him for they think he is old school and knows nothing. They told him he is a polluter and destroying the earth. He said they all got trophies but neither can read write or do simple math. I asked him if he felt America was worth saving. What he was doing about it? His answer was, but I am only one person what can I do? We have learned too well that our vote doesn’t count, we must be the silent majority, the government knows best. How wrong we are. 

Is America Worth Saving?

Only you can answer that question. What are you going to do about it? Last Monday I spoke to a group of highly motivated ladies at the Republican Women’s Political Network. They got it immediately and volunteered to read textbooks, spread the word, join the Florida Citizen’s Alliance, and donate. Listen and Read America Out Loud. Pick your passion, you are the expert. Become a truth warrior and put your legislators on speed dial. Listen to what they say and correct them.

Doing nothing gets nothing.
Are you a victim or a patriot?
You can’t be both.