This election is the first real battle in America’s third civil war and of all the challenges that America has faced before it is by far the most daunting.

The first civil war, known also as the Revolutionary War pitted against each other Americans who owed their tribal allegiance to the geography in which they were born and their friends, relatives, and neighbors who felt that their allegiance lay with the polity into which they were born, i.e. the British Empire. Both sides to this conflict, as well as the third party, Britain itself, had honorable motivations and employed honorable men and substantially honorable tactics. 

The two leaders of the conflict, George Washington and Charles Cornwallis, could not be more different, but could not also be more alike. Both were gentlemen of honor who fought with all of their resources for what they believed to be right; for their sovereigns and their countries. The two men differed only on who their sovereigns were and to what countries they owed their allegiance. For Washington, the sovereign were the American People, the citizens of the thirteen colonies. For Cornwallis, the only possible sovereign was the divinely anointed King George III. For Washington, his country was the Commonwealth of Virginia and the recently created United States. For Cornwallis, it was the British Empire. 

The Americans who joined with Cornwallis were neither cowards nor traitors; they simply believed themselves to be Englishmen first and Americans second. To them, the British Empire was in a state of Godly grace, as evidenced by her many victories, and any rebellion against her was thus an act of treason. Their Patriot countrymen begged to differ and bet their very lives on that difference.

When Washington won, Cornwallis surrendered. The follow-up was civilized. Those Loyalists who could not abide staying in the United States whether because they had burnt too many bridges or because they could not bring themselves to cease being British subjects were allowed to peacefully leave for Canada and other places around the British Empire. It was all very gentlemanly.

The second civil war, that of 1861, was similarly fought between two honorable sides. The North, exemplified by Abraham Lincoln, could not, as we would say today, any longer contain the institution of slavery within the United States and neither could it agree to see the grand vision of the Founding Fathers, that of an American Republic that spans the entire continent, die before it could ever be fully realized. The South, personified by Robert E. Lee, embodied within itself another, no less valuable, important, and honorable American tradition; that of fierce loyalty to one’s own state and an equally fierce sense of independence. 

As these two visions of America: the grand endeavor on a continental (and later global) scale on one hand, and fierce adherence to one’s place of birth and individual freedom on the other, could not be reconciled, a great war was fought. This conflict was fought by men who were the best in the world at waging war and who were absolutely dedicated to winning it and yet it was mostly fought with honor even in the midst of unprecedented bloodshed. This honor was the only thing that allowed America to come together and heal after the conflict was over. This honor was the only thing that allowed America to live to its full potential to the great betterment of the whole world; the very same potential that Lincoln saw in his mind’s eye though, like Moses, he never lived to see it with his actual eyes. 

The war that is being waged today, is, once again, for the very existence and the very soul of America. In this, it is not unlike the two wars that came before it. But there is one difference and it is a crucial one. Unlike in the previous two conflicts, one of the sides is completely devoid of honor and is acting on behalf of foreign interests, interests that are devoted to the destruction of America. 

The British Empire in 1776 had close religious, cultural, and linguistic ties with its North American colonies, be they the ones that became the United States or the ones that became Canada. In no way did the British Crown wish to destroy its North American colonies. After all, it saw in them an extraordinarily valuable investment, which is precisely why it had fought so hard to keep them. Those Americans who had joined forces with the British back then were thusly no more traitors than those Americans who fought for the South were “rebels”. Both groups were patriotic Americans who fought for what they saw as the best for America.

Not so today. Today, Americans who support the corrupt to the core Biden/Harris ticket are indeed traitors to America. They, in many if in not most cases knowingly, support a ticket that has a proven history of selling America’s vital interests to its worst enemies: first the Soviet Union and now China.

As is made abundantly clear by the astonishing details that are now coming out about the Biden crime family, these people have far less honor than the Cosa Nostra has ever had. Few on our side, the side of American patriots, would argue that Al Capone or Mayer Lansky would be preferable, many times over, as occupants of the Oval Office to quid pro quo Joe. These men may have been gangsters, but they loved America, as was proven when the Italian Mafia worked with the American government to defeat the Nazis in the Second World War. Joe Biden, in contrast, has been selling out American workers for personal gain for the entirety of his interminable “public service”.

Had the Patriots lost (God forbid) to the British in 1776, the American colonies would have been, like Canada (until recently) prosperous and free. Had the Confederacy managed to win its independence from the Union in 1861, it would have been a constitutional republic that would have undoubtedly put an end to slavery not long thereafter and established a free and prosperous polity in the areas under its control. 

Not so today. Today, America’s enemies wish to destroy her utterly. Should they (and one shudders to even utter this) win, there will be no America. Replacing the freest and most prosperous country the world has ever known, over the ruins of the greatest global force for good that has ever existed in the six millennia of civilization, there will emerge a branch office of China, Inc; a corrupt self-serving oligarchy, intent only on the enrichment of its 1% elites at the expense of everyone else. This corpulent behemoth will metastasize around the globe, stifling freedom, both individual and national, anywhere it finds it, from Poland to Hungary, and from Israel to the Czech Republic. 

If America falls, there will be no quarter given by the victors to the vanquished. There will be no ships departing New York harbor for Nova Scotia peacefully carrying Loyalists to their new homes in Canada. There will be no Reconstruction, no reconciliation. All of us who supported President Trump will be repressed, oppressed, and cancelled. This is not a hyperbole and I am not talking about getting kicked out of social media platforms. We will become undesirables to the n-th generation. We will lose our jobs, we will be forced to publically recant, to grovel in front of our coworkers, and to wear dunce caps. Our children will not be accepted to universities or, if already there, will lose their spots. 

The Supreme Court, a poor line of defense in any eventuality, will be “packed” with umpteen communist “justices” who will enforce the rule of the victors. Our guns will be confiscated at gunpoint, if need be, and believe me, the victors will find plenty of willing executioners for their orders no matter how “unconstitutional”. 

The Constitution itself, will be simply invalidated for being a ridiculously outdated document written in troglodyte times by racist slaveholders. This view is already being mainstreamed in America today in every high school and university.

If you think that the Constitution will protect itself via the many mechanisms that the Founding Fathers have put in place for such an eventuality, think again. The final arbitror of such things, the Supreme Court, will be a den of thieves accountable only to its masters in the Chinese Communist Party politburo. 

In this American Civil War 3.0, unlike the two earlier ones, America and those Americans who love freedom are faced with total annihilation. This election is only the first battle, but it also the last battle that is not fought with real bullets.

If we win, if President Trump gets reelected, he will do what he had so far been reluctant to do; deal America’s enemies a final crushing blow, a blow from which they will never recover. Yes, this will involve the destruction and rebuilding of many if not most of America’s most cherished institutions, but it is the only way that America can be saved, the only way in which this first battle can also be the last one. 

Should Joe Biden and the forces of evil that are arrayed behind him win this election or manage to steal it, the only way to save America will be at the point of bayonets wielded by American patriots. Considering the nature of today’s “bayonets” and the enormous prize that America has become over its 244 years of existence, this outcome is all but unbearable because the ensuing battle will make the first two American civil wars look like pleasant picnics on the shores of the Potomac. 

We must do everything we can to avoid this fate and all we can do is vote. So vote. Vote Trump because your freedoms and you very lives depend on it.