Viewpoint This Sunday – Red waves, blue waves, tidal waves, or is it a slow volcanic-rush of burning coal ?!? Hours away and Americans decide the trajectory of the nation. It is by no standards a typical midterm election. Minutes before taking the stage in a final rally in Pensacola, Florida with President Trump, we talked with Ron DeSantis on the state of the race and where it stands at this very moment. Col Jim Waurishuk and Dr. Carol Swain analyze the race in segment two of our program. Finally our Power Panel, Dennis Santiago, Ilana Freedman and Ava Armstrong provide a brilliant analysis of election coverage. BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

Interview with Ron De Santis, former U.S. Congressman and Candidate for Governor of the State of Florida

In one of the most watched races in the nation – Ron DeSantis, the former U.S. Congressman from Florida’s Sixth District and the Republican nominee for Governor of Florida against Andrew Gillum, Mayor of Tallahassee. Gillum wants to raise taxes for the state – a state that prides itself and attracts people because of being a low tax state – What will happen if Florida has an income tax?

The NYT reports that “DeSantis and his team never prepared to run against Mr. Gillum; they thought they would face one of the more traditional, centrist Democrats running in the primary.” HOW DOES ONE PREPARE FOR A SOCIALIST, We will find out when we ask Rep DeSantis… Why socialism is suddenly acceptable to Americans? Or is it?

Top Stories of the Week

Colonel Jim Waurishuk and Dr. Carol Swain provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on the top stories on this election coverage that you need to know.

  • America Decides – Races Tighten and Polls Change to Unpredictability
  • The Vote – Black American and Hispanic Allegiance – Is It Changing?
  • Role of past Presidents breaking from traditional role – active Campaigning
  • Economy – Fantastic news Friday morning, why don’t we here more on Campaign trail?

POWER PANEL: The Political Bias, Tolerance and Absence of the Fourth Estate

During the past 22 months, stories relating to President Trump have been 92% negative and less than 8% positive, yet the mainstream media all claim that no bias exists, and  it’s fair and balanced, reporting accurately. Has the media changed it’s roll from reporting to influencing? To paraphrase Hillary Clinton from this past week “There can be no civility until we regain power”. Who’s behind this caravan from Central America? And Another 2 or 3 Caravans on the way behind that one. Has political rhetoric gone too far and who’s to blame? When did politics become character defamation, innuendo, and accusation?

NOV 4th 10 AM EST

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