As we wait in anticipation for the declassification of documents, to begin the expose’ of exactly what precipitated deep state spying, well before and after the election of Donald J. Trump, we must ask ourselves a fundamental question…

Can we ever again allow a small crooked cabal of upper echelon bureaucrats to foist a plot against a sitting President, for their political pleasure and greed?

If it can be proven that they abused the power that ”We the People” entrusted to them, to be used for nefarious deeds, there must be severe consequence for every evildoer. This would include the previous administration, right up to and including the top.

Our Republic is greater than any President, political party or any government agency⏤the future is at stake. 

This is not a time for sympathy and compassion against the evildoers. These traitors are treasonably dead wrong. 

Our Founding Fathers knew that the power belongs to ‘We the People’, not the crooked bureaucrats and their silver tongue lies. 

This is what separates our Republic from the Communist, Fascist and Socialist Regimes that have controlled and slaughtered millions of people over the course of mankind.

How close we came to this potential outcome is what this declassification is all about.

Over 240 years of blood from the fallen⏤is the greatest country the world has ever known.

To think that America was compromised by the crooked cabal is incomprehensible. History must reflect this moment and the lessons must be etched into every History book, to be read by every generation forthcoming.

Just as the Jews said to the Nazis⏤we as Americans must say to the crooked cabal….”NEVER AGAIN”.

Love…RayRay and a Poem

Our Republic Hangs in the Balance

It feels like the Calm
Ahead of the Storm
Declassifying the plot
And how it was born

Deep Stately Operatives
At the top of the Heap
Must be held accountable
For the Coup they did reap

Let the truth be exposed
Once and for All
History needs to behold
How close we came to a Fall

A President elected
The People had spoken
Yet Puppets and their Masters
Attempted a plot to revoke him

We gave them the power
To Spy and Surveil
Enemies of our Country
Not for Political blackmail

We must teach our Children
The Lesson at hand
A crystal clear view
So they WILL understand 

That Freedom is precious
Forged from our past
The blood of the fallen
So a Republic would last

The chapter on tyranny
Must be written alas
Not allowing the traitors
To be given a pass

So take a deep breath
Drop down to your knee
God has not forsaken
Our Inalienable right to be Free

Written by RayRay 5/29/19©️
Photo: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Lovelady