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The lead story is the U.S. Drawdown of China Diplomats and the ongoing relationship with China. | There have been rumors floating of Martial Law and a Nationwide Quarantine! Top National Guard general refutes the nationwide coronavirus quarantine rumors. |The NIH director says, Up to 70K coronavirus cases could be confirmed in US by end of next week. | Trump halts most traffic on U.S. border with Mexico and Canada, what is the impact on trade? | State Department warns US citizens not to travel abroad, as international travel is dramatically altered. | Several US Senators Sold lots of Stock as virus fears started.Michael Johns is the National co-founder and leader of the Tea Party Movement. A former White House speechwriter and a Policy Analyst with The Heritage Foundation.

The Top Stories – The Vaccine Timeline, the race to test an experimental coronavirus vaccine, researchers aren’t waiting to see how well it prevents infection in animals before trying it in people, breaking from the usual protocol. | Lawmakers race to reach coronavirus stimulus deal despite disagreements over checks to taxpayers, will the political forces align to deliver as quick as Americans need? | Tax Day is now been delayed to July 15. | Is a V Shape Recession even possible? What are the repercussions of this mandated government recession? Should President Trump have listened to advisors with such extreme measures? | Democrats & Republicans Undermining U.S. Securitya recent article by IQ al-Rassooli will be a discussion point on the program. | Holding China legally accountable for coronavirus pandemic, is this even possible? | North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles, unsettling South Korea at a most unusual time. | Italy Calls In Army To Hardest-Hit Region As Coronavirus Deaths Spike, Europe has become the epicenter for the virus spread and casualties are climbing.

Dennis Santiago is a Strategic Analyst focusing on asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability. IQ al-Rassooli, Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar and Expert Commentator. Ron Edwards, Columnist, Talk Show Host with a 90 sec feature called The Edwards Notebook. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and best selling author. Jim McCay is a Political Analyst with a 30 year background in global technology, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.

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