The continuing turmoil and strife in America is a symptom of a greater set of forces we don’t see out front. The creep of socialism and communism is driving much of the events of the day.

The message of equality and enlightenment needed in some areas of our national life have been hi-jacked by these forces behind the scene and the American people are confused, scared and unsure what is real and what is hype. Our media has betrayed us by taking sides and throwing us to the wolves of destruction. We live in an upside down, bizarro world where reality is pushed to the back to allow for a fake and fabricated reality to take its place. With the new baseball season, we have new questions about kneeling and patriotism. Will we ever find a way back to a united states or are we on a journey to a new place, a place we will not like at all. Don’t miss it!  

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