by ‘Brooke Says’

After the most recent massacre by gun at the church in Southerland, Texas, I’ve come to the point where, I agree, we should ban murder. Oh wait, murder is already banned and illegal. Well I guess we should make it illegal to buy or have a gun if you have criminal convictions for domestic violence or child abuse. Check – already illegal. Maybe we should make it illegal to lie on your gun application? Yep, you guessed it, illegal. So now of course, we get down to the guns themselves, which I’m going to put on hold for now – it’s a long conversation.

First I want to get to the sheer hypocrisy of the voices who call for banning ‘assault weapons’, which, by the way, aren’t ALL weapons by definition ‘assault weapons’? But I digress. Inevitably after one of these horrific events, for some reason, actors – people who pretend to be other people for a living – feel the need to weigh in, and naturally, to condemn the NRA and Republicans for being Pro-2nd Amendment. These are, of course, the very same people who not only have walls around their property while also condemning Republicans for wanting a wall to enforce immigration laws, but who themselves also have – wait for it – ARMED SECURITY. They also have made BILLIONS of dollars making movies and videos based on the most depraved violence imaginable, all with – you guessed it – ‘assault weapons’. Not to mention the depraved sexualization of women from an industry now reeling over accusations of sexual abuse, but that’s a subject for another day.

So these imposters spout off from their high towers about the NRA (of whom not a SINGLE mass gun murderer has EVER been a member), Republicans and people who say ‘our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ (while also being the party that kills 1.2 MILLION babies in the womb). Now, it’s not that the Left actually CARES about the actual people who were slaughtered in the church Southerland Texas (by an atheist of course), they were Christians after all, and likely Trump supporters, a fact evident in this Tweet:

No, they’re just going on with the reflexive anti-gun rhetoric that only the well-protected and self-righteous do.

As to the murderer, he had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for beating his wife and cracking the skull of his 18-month old stepson, and had served a year in confinement as well as escaped from a mental institution. He was also, as I said, an atheist. In this case, there was a horrible failure of bureaucracy as the Air Force failed to register his criminal history, evidently because of a softening of rules for political correctness by the Obama administration, who was more concerned with convicting soldiers for defending their comrades at war but not for grave actions because of mental illness and religious hatred. The depraved murderer should’ve never been able to buy a gun legally and in fact would’ve been denied except that he both lied on his application and was not previously reported. So despite the calls for new gun laws, it was actually a failure to enforce EXISTING gun laws and bureaucracy which enable an evil, insane criminal to murder men women and children praying in their church.

Now to the guns themselves. Putting aside the fact that human beings are imperfect and there is evil in the world, we do not only have a Constitution which codifies the right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment, but there are already MILLIONS of ‘assault weapons’ and large capacity magazines and bullets in circulation, legally owned, in America. There are only 2 possible ways to remedy this if there were such a consideration: a federal buyback and confiscation. A federal buy back would not only be insanely expensive but would be opposed by citizens, and a confiscation would certainly instigate a Civil War, and I’m not being hyperbolic, I mean an actual Civil War. Sadly, I’m not exactly sure HOW, or even IF we can solve the problem of mass gun murders, but I do know this:  Hollywood elites and liberal politicians have ZERO solutions to eliminate the causes of such violence and depravity other than self-righteous posturing and until the time that they DO, they should probably just shut their mouths…

Brooke Says is a Conservative Activist, Patriot, writer, publisher, and advisor and subject matter expert on social and cultural matters. She advises her local Republican leadership on social and cultural conflicts affecting our country right now. She understands, as Andrew Breitbart assessed, that ‘politics is downstream from culture’, and that in order to win the battle for the soul of America and preserve Liberty, you need to fight as hard and ruthlessly as the Democrats, whose policies and ideology have sought to destroy the Constitutional foundation of this nation.