The 2020 general election in America was hijacked by the American globalist progressive elites who thwarted the will of the American people to leave President Trump in office for four more years. This fact is so obvious that it really requires no proof, but if proof is wanted, we can simply recall Nancy Pelosi’s statement that Trump will lose the election and will need to be “fumigated” out of the White House. This was not an opinion or a prediction, it was a simple statement of fact, a statement in which the second part is by far the more telling. Nancy knew that Trump would win on Election Day, necessitating the steal and she knew that he would be fully aware that the election had indeed been stolen and thus reluctant to concede his “loss”.  

How the election was stolen, i.e. by which mechanism is unimportant beyond one basic truth: the levers of power, the sausage-making machinery, so to speak, is entirely under the control of the faithful servants of the American elites. I am talking about the military, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the Central Elections Commission, and every other body that you can possibly imagine and many that you cannot even imagine. They are, all of them, controlled by the liberal progressive elites, and thus, when given the order, they had no trouble whatsoever to make it appear that Trump lost the election when in fact he had won it. They could have made it so within seconds of the polls closing, but, for purposes of keeping appearances, they delayed for a few days to allow time for “counting”. Needless to say, there was actually no counting of any kind going on.

Trump’s greatest error was that he failed to realize, even after being the target of a coup d’état designed to “fix” the negligence of the elites in failing to steal the 2016 election, that unless he took control of these power centers, he would be simply thrown out of office. He thus did not take such control and was indeed thrown out of office.

This was not the first time elections in America were subverted by the elites, but this is only the second time that an anti-elite candidate (Trump) was on the ballot and thus where in the past they had the luxury of letting one slide for the sake of not revealing “sources and methods”, this time they had to steal the election no matter the cost, specifically the cost of being exposed. The fact that all of the American mass media is a paid organ of the American elites and security apparatus helps, needless to say, to keep their malfeasance from reaching deeply into the American consciousness even when it is clearly visible.

Like all totalitarian elites at least since Roman times, the American elites have arranged for the, I must say, incredibly naïve American people a veritable feast of bread and circuses.

For bread, we have the magically ever-increasing stock market paid by endless “quantitative easing” and for circuses, we have the totally fake feud between the “conservative” Fox News Channel and the rest of the media, particularly CNN. This latter piece is a true stroke of Trumpian genius on the part of the American elites and one that they very well may have learned from Trump himself. It is a production worthy of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), complete with heroes, villains, and endlessly evolving plot lines.

In a particularly innovative twist, this fake reality production has villains and heroes that are interchangeable depending on the political viewpoint of the viewer. Thus Tucker Carlson is a hero to Trump supporters while Jake Tapper plays the role of villain, while the roles are reversed when it comes to viewers who support the Democrats. Needless to say, neither Carlson nor Tapper has any real convictions, conscience, or integrity. They simply play, skillfully, the roles that they have been assigned, for which act they are handsomely compensated.

What will happen next is that president Trump will grudgingly, but peacefully leave the White House and Biden will be inaugurated as president. Those who believe that the court system in America, including the Supreme Court, somehow constitutes an independent “judiciary branch” of the American government have been asleep for the last century.

SCOTUS presided over the all but complete erosion of the American Constitution, from allowing “classes” of people to have group rather than individual rights, to signing off on gay marriage and abortion as constitutionally guaranteed rights. The American Supreme Court is a charter member of the American progressive globalist elites, though I want to hope that Justices Alito and Thomas are somewhat reluctant members. As to the Trump trio on the bench, they will be given to understand that any votes that would delegitimize Biden’s election would make their tenures on the court very short ones indeed. The entire reason for Trump’s sham impeachment was to open the door to the impeachment of the justices appointed by him, a procedure to which the necessary number of GOP senators would undoubtedly give their support if need be.

America has not been a constitutional republic for quite a while now. What it is, in reality, is a globalist empire, quite similar to its progenitor and erstwhile enemy Britain, but without the honor and good manners.

Most Americans are such fundamentally good and trusting people that it took President Trump to open their eyes to the fact that their beloved country has long since been stolen from them. But, in true Greek tragedy fashion, Trump was eight years too late. Had he run against Obama, he may have yet had a chance to save America. Running, and winning, after Obama’s reign, was not enough because the corruption of the American institutions from head to toe had already been completed.

Most people in the world live partially free and some are not free at all. The freedoms that Americans have always taken for granted, are the exception, not the rule. Now, Americans have lost these freedoms and are destined to live, like most other people, in fear of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, or even simply not acknowledging with appropriate enthusiasm the latest insanity about race, gender, etc. White Americans in particular will become oppressed in their own country, even more than they are today, with overt anti-white discrimination, legally sanctioned, becoming the rule rather than the exception. Historians will note that this may have been the first known instance of a large ethnic or racial majority population, willingly and without a fight accepting the status of a persecuted and oppressed minority.

Globalists have always sought to weaken America, which is why they divulged the secrets of the atom bomb to the Soviets while it was still being developed. This trend will now accelerate. Expect the complete and utter reversal, within only a few weeks, of every “America First” policy enacted by President Trump. If you are employed in the energy or manufacturing sectors, you are in very real danger of losing your employment. 

America’s federal nature, though weakened to the point of near non-existence, may yet offer respite to those who live in so-called “red states”. If you can move into one of them. Other than that, my advice as someone who has had firsthand experience living in totalitarian regimes is learning to rely on yourself and your close family, enjoy nature, drop your dependency on “stuff”, look inward, and most of all be careful.

All these “God-given rights” and “constitutional protections” you thought you had, well, they are well and truly gone.

Courage is good, recklessness is not. A word to the wise.