As the family of four enter the fairgrounds, they hear a familiar voice calling to them. The voice is pleading with them to come and get on the merry-go-round. One of the children asks the Barker if it matters where they get on. He laughs, and leaning down to the child, tells him no, because this merry-go-round only goes to one place. The family then looks at one another inquisitively, wondering what the Barker may have meant. Shrugging their shoulders, they all turn and walk to the ticket booth to buy their tickets.

There, they are met by the same Barker from the carousel. The younger child asks the Barker what his name is. He smiles his big Cheshire cat grin that oozes with insincerity, and announces “my name is Master Huckster Obama, the one and only.”

Having heard his name somewhere before, the parents now feel much better about getting on this ride, after all he seemed like a nice fellow. As they get on the carousel, the Barker-Ticket seller, Master Huckster Obama, assures them that they are going to have the ride of their life. He goes on to tell them that they can keep all their belongings that they brought with them today, strap in and be prepared to be provided for forever. The family strap themselves in and smile at one another.

Unknowingly, they are about to say goodbye to whatever chance they had at a happy prosperous and independent life.

Like the millions of other families before them, they are now on the Progressive merry-go-round to poverty and dependency. Lured in by the Devil himself, this Master of deceit with the silver tongue.

You see, this was not just any carousel, this one was built by the Progressive left. Nor was it intended for just anyone. This carousel was built purposely for the poor and uninformed, and for the sole purpose of keeping them in that state.

The Progressive left, better than anyone, understand how to gain power, and more importantly how to keep it. They know that to get people to step on the carousel, they must keep them uneducated and uninformed. They accomplish this feat by continuously raising taxes on the population. Another step is to create an educational system that has a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. And since the left has had control of education in our country for almost a century, it is easy to accomplish this.

In 1966, Lyndon Johnson with the help of the Progressive think tanks in California and New England, came up with an education plan that became an unmitigated failure. So much so that 30 years later, in 1996, Bill Clinton had to unceremoniously scrap it. It was replaced with the original version of common core.

In 2008, the carnival Barker slithered his way into the Presidency of the United States and continued singing his siren’s song to the masses. The lack of a good education leads many to low-paying jobs, which leads to poverty, which leads to dependency on the government, which leads to the Progressive handouts. This is the Progressive merry-go-round, once you step on it, it’s almost impossible to step off. Just ask the tens of millions of people who are on board.

Recently, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Greg Popovich opined that he was embarrassed to be a white man. As usual, the left once again denies all culpability for the social ills of their fellow Americans. Since they have ensconced themselves as the Masters of Morality, they can’t be responsible for the people’s fate.

When in reality, their Progressive merry-go-round is the biggest reason conditions in this country have hardly improved until President Trump was elected. So, Coach Popovich, be embarrassed, but be embarrassed for the right reason, which is that you as a Progressive are the major reason for your embarrassment. 

If you listen carefully Coach, you will hear the Progressive siren’s call, “Aaaaaaaallll Aboard.”

Special thanks to my friend and fellow patriot Steve Norflus for his contribution to this column.  Image: Bloomberg