Should we be buying from those companies who share the same beliefs that we do? Glenn Story, the Co-Founder of Patriot Mobile, owns a company that supports life, liberty, freedom, and opportunity. In this episode, Glenn discusses the political factors that led him to start Patriot Mobile in 2012. We explore the successes and challenges of leading a rapidly growing company that has earned the distinction of being the only conservative cell phone company in America. Glenn discusses the values of the company and how these inform spending decisions. 

Glenn Story is Co-Founder and President of Patriot Mobile. He has over 25 years of diversified professional experience including strategic planning, operational finance and controller ship. In addition, Glenn has extensive experience leading finance and administrative teams from start-up to mature phases of the business lifecycle. He spent 15 years in New York City growing companies through organic growth and acquisition to multimillion-dollar brands. He has direct experience in restaurant business intelligence, technology, oil and gas, and publishing industries.

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