Aligning Head and Heart

How do you break free from limitations and live with more power, purpose and passion? It starts by trusting your heart more. Turn on your superpowers by making the connection between intellect and intuition.

Most of us were programmed to believe that we have limitations. We were taught that girls can only do certain things and boys were better at others. We learned that school learning and getting a safe job would be our ticket to security. But this hasn’t been the case for so many people! We find instead that we feel trapped, not free, by our chosen profession or life track. In this interview Dr. Andrea explores the limitless, immortal and infinite side of us with Artist, author and Yogic Life Coach, Mary Maya. They discuss shamanic and spiritual principles of healing as well as the upcoming visit of spiritual elders from the Sierra Nevada to Mount Shasta.

Mary Maya, inspired by her practice as a yogini and her work as Clarity Breathwork Practitioner created Samadhi Breathwork to give herself and others a formula for freeing the mind permanently. Grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, her method uses ancient knowledge still widely used and respected today to unleash particular states of consciousness known as samadhi.

Samadhi Breathwork opens the spirit/mind/body to the breath to dissolve the obstacles of the mind, allowing us to walk the road to self-realization with more awareness. Mary says: “We are steadily moving into a major planetary transformation. If you’re listening to this interview you know it’s true, but you may not think you know what it means. Actually you do, your just programmed to believe that you have limited capacity to understand it. When we come together in community and participate in meditations and exercises designed to open us to what we already know by activating information that lies dormant in our cells we re-member who we really are.”

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